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Owatrol UK produce a range of high quality, long lasting coatings which offer exceptional protection and superior finish. We pride ourselves on our reputation as being ‘The Professional’s Choice’ and with products which have been established for over 70 years, we can be sure that when purchasing from us you will get a product of the highest quality.

Our wood care products provide superior and long term protection against the elements and our wide range of finish types is perfect for every taste. Our woodcare range takes you right through from surface preparation to final finish and we have products for new, weathered and previously coated wood surfaces both hardwood and softwood as well as specific products for decking, sheds, fences and cladding.

Owatrol products for the decorating market provide solutions for a variety of problems encountered by the professional and amateur alike including mould treatment and prevention, painting on shiny surfaces and in difficult conditions, getting a professional paint finish with conditioners and more.

Our comprehensive metal protection range includes rust inhibiting primers and finishes for a range of applications including for use within hostile marine environments and within the automotive industry. With the use of Owatrol Oil technology our metal protection products allow you to protect and finish both new and rusted metal surfaces effectively.

You can order Owatrol products directly from our website with next working day delivery for orders placed before 3pm and many of our products are also stocked in decorating stores such as Crown Decorating Centres and Brewers.

Finish & protect garden decks with Owatrol Decking Paint

Owatrol Decking Paint is a premium and long-lasting matt opaque finish suitable for use on new, weathered, and even previously treated wood. It provides long-lasting performance, even on high traffic garden decks. Decking Paint provides unsurpassed adhesion on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, where competitors would require extensive preparation and priming, whilst providing a rich matt finish that is perfect for decking.

Owatrol Oil used in house restoration

Drew Décor kindly shared a project with us where their client required a lot of exterior work to be done on their lovely house in Sheffield. They explained how they used Owatrol Oil to aid in the restoration of the gates, exterior window frames, windowsills, the front door and canopy, the garage door as well as the door that leads into the garage

How to avoid brush and roller marks when painting

We think it is safe to say that achieving a perfect looking finish when painting is something every professional decorator aims for. Our recommendations for getting it right the first time, every time, is by implementing the following...

Association of Painting Craft Teachers centenary exhibition

Association of Painting Craft Teachers - 1921 - 2021 Join us for a Centenary Exhibition at Lytham Hall, Ballam Rd, Lytham FY8 4JX for the public opening on Sunday 14th November, 2021, 11am-3pm in the Long Gallery. The exhibition covers the history of the APCT and the teaching of painting & decorating, and will also feature outstanding wood grained, marbled and gilded decorative panels by some of the UK’s Master Craftsmen, including Zeph Carr of Sheffield, Bill Holgate of Clithero, Terry Taylor of Blackburn, and Walter Riley of Great Harwood.  Also on display will be traditional tools & equipment, books and teaching aids from the APCT collection.

Owatrol Easy Surface Prep

One of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways of giving your kitchen a make over is to repaint the cupboards and with Owatrol E.S.P that job can be made even easier! The usual way would be to first clean all the surfaces, strip and/or sand every tiny nook and cranny, apply a coat of primer, and then apply multiple coats of cupboard paint – which although is cheaper than a new kitchen, it is not quick nor easy!  Instead of going through all of that and using up valuable time and effort, you could instead simply use Owatrol Easy Surface Prep (E.S.P for short) and have a new kitchen for a fraction of the effort! What is Owatrol E.S.P? Owatrol E.S.P is an easy-to-use wipe-on wipe-off product that when applied to shiny or non-porous surfaces, primes and preps it for paint in 5 minutes. This means no sanding and no priming as E.S.P creates a strong film allowing paint (oil and water based) to strongly adhere to. E.S.P is particularly great for use on tricky surfaces such as melamine cupboards or tiles.

At Owatrol we provide problem solving, time saving solutions for all your decorating needs.

With a range that includes rust inhibitors, timber protection, colour restoration and much more, we are sure to have a solution for you.

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