Block unknown or difficult stains on walls with Owatrol Primall


We understand that as a decorator, it can be very frustrating when you put in all that effort to create a flawless finish, only to have it ruined by stains seeping through the paint a few months later. Having to redo the whole job is not ideal and ends up costing you time and money. So, our advice is to make sure you nail it first try and stay ready to tackle any surface that comes your way. Being prepared is key which is why we recommend using a blocking primer such as Primall. 

About Primall 

Primall is our fast-drying interior primer for the blocking of unknown stains and the priming of difficult surfaces. It blocks and hides stains caused by water, fire and smoke damage, food (such as ketchup or mustard), felt pens and more. 

When used on porous surfaces, Primall will help to stabilise the surface and prevent shadowing on the finish coat. 

When used on smooth surfaces, Primall is ready to use without the need to sand. Primall can even be applied over lightly rusted surfaces as an anti-corrosion primer. 

It also improves the performance of the finish and makes application of the finish easier. 

Primall dries in just 1 hour with a matt finish, is available in a various sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes: 

  • On interior surfaces such as walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, furniture etc. 
  • Can be used on porous surfaces such as: plaster, cardboard, cement, brick, wood, old coatings etc. with a recoat time of 1 hour. 
  • Use on non-porous and smooth surfaces: aluminium, galvanised metal, PVC, plastic, varnish, ceramic tiles etc. with a re-coat time of 2 hours. 
  • May also be used on external surfaces but must be overcoated with a suitable finish. 

Competition closing date: 23.59pm on the 31st August 2023.

Free Sampling 

Would you like to sample Primall for free? We are currently looking for decorators that would be interested in trying out Primall in return for talking about it in the group and putting up a post on your own social media page with a review/opinion of Primall.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, please click the following link to view the post in our forum and follow the below steps: INSERT_LINK_TO_POST_HERE 

  1. Like the post in the forum. 
  2. Comment on the post in the forum with why you’d like to try Primall. 
  3. Please don’t participate unless you are willing to post about Primall on your own social media. 
  4. Complete your details using the form below. 

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