Owatrol Oil used in house restoration


Owatrol Oil used in house restoration

Drew Décor kindly shared a project with us where their client required a lot of exterior work to be done on their lovely house in Sheffield.

They explained how they used Owatrol Oil to aid in the restoration of the gates, exterior window frames, windowsills, the front door and canopy, the garage door as well as the door that leads into the garage.

In this case, they decided to apply the Owatrol Oil directly onto the gate and garage door before applying the paint. The explained how this worked perfectly for them and that it created a platform for the perfect finish.

After seeing how effective it was on metal surfaces, Drew Décor decided to apply it onto the old and weathered woodwork of the windowsills and frames. They applied it straight on to the bare wood and then filled and primed them. Doing this helped create the perfect foundation for the filling and repair work that needed to be carried out before the application of the paint.

We think the before and after images speak for themselves, but Drew Décor (and their customer) were all very happy with the versatility of Owatrol Oil as well as the finished results.

Are you new to Owatrol Oil?

Owatrol Oil is our versatile, highly penetrating air-drying oil that can be neat or added to paint.

When used as is, Owatrol Oil provides a tough, flexible finish that drives out any excess moisture and air present. When used on rusted surfaces, this displacement stops rust dead in its tracks. 

When used neat on porous wooden surfaces, it will saturate deep within the wood to protect it from damage caused by moisture and aid in the prevention of paint peeling. It will also protect metal parts such as hinges and latches from corrosion.

When used as a paint conditioner and added to any oil or alkyd-based coatings, Owatrol Oil will give an increased wet edge time, improve the flow and offer greater adhesion. This in turn helps to reduce or even remove brush and roller marks for a professional looking finish. Using a paint conditioner is especially helpful when working in difficult conditions such as hot or cold environments.

Unlike damaging thinners, Owatrol Oil will maintain the inherent quality of the paint without affecting its appearance or drying times, allowing you to achieve the most professional finish possible.

Please note that if you are looking for a product to give this effect but for water-based paints, then we recommend you use Floetrol instead, as it is designed for use in any water-based paint whereas Owatrol Oil is for use in oil-based paints.

For further information on all things Owatrol, please head to www.owatroldirect.co.uk

For more information on all things Owatrol, please visit www.owatroldirect.co.uk

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