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One of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways of giving your kitchen a make over is to repaint the cupboards and with Owatrol E.S.P that job can be made even easier!

The usual way would be to first clean all the surfaces, strip and/or sand every tiny nook and cranny, apply a coat of primer, and then apply multiple coats of cupboard paint – which although is cheaper than a new kitchen, it is not quick nor easy! 

Instead of going through all of that and using up valuable time and effort, you could instead simply use Owatrol Easy Surface Prep (E.S.P for short) and have a new kitchen for a fraction of the effort!

What is Owatrol E.S.P?

Owatrol E.S.P is an easy-to-use wipe-on wipe-off product that when applied to shiny or non-porous surfaces, primes and preps it for paint in 5 minutes. This means no sanding and no priming as E.S.P creates a strong film allowing paint (oil and water based) to strongly adhere to.

E.S.P is particularly great for use on tricky surfaces such as melamine cupboards or tiles.

How to use E.S.P

Once you have given your cupboards a good clean to remove any surface contaminants and they are fully dry, simply apply the E.S.P using a brush, roller or clean lint free cloth and leave it for 5 minutes.

After this time, use a clean, dry lint-free cloth to remove the excess E.S.P and leave it to dry for 2 hours before painting. You can even leave the E.S.P for up to 1 week before painting, but please be aware that after this time has lapsed you will need to apply a new coat of E.S.P.

Before and after E.S.P and Farrow and Ball in Eggshell

This D.I.Y-er completely changed the look of their kitchen quickly and easily thanks to E.S.P and they did it all with absolutely no sanding – even on those tricky areas! As you can see, it really is not necessary to spend thousands of pounds on a new kitchen or spend hours doing laborious sanding to get a beautiful new look to your kitchen. Simply use E.S.P and save yourself time, effort, and money!



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