New Dulux Trade Plus range cuts heat loss through solid walls


Dulux Trade has launched a range of innovative coatings designed to help improve the energy efficiency of existing older buildings.  The products in the range have been specially developed to help cut heat loss through solid wall construction – delivering energy savings and improving comfort levels.

Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ is a revolutionary 3-part coating system, independently proven to reduce heat loss through solid walls by up to 18%*.  The internal wall coating system comprises an innovative basecoat with insulating properties, a levelling fiberglass fleece and Dulux Trade Plus Smooth & Protect+, a protective mid-coat that provides a tough, durable finish that can be overpainted with standard emulsion.

With a finished thickness of just under 6mm, the Thermacoat+ system enables building owners to enhance spaces, improve occupant comfort and save money on energy bills with minimal disruption to wall fittings.  Dulux Trade Plus ThermaCoat+ has a proven thermal conductivity value of 0.05 W/mK and is certified by the BBA (17/5445).

<noscript><img decoding=async class=size medium wp image 7075 lazyload src=httpwwwtrade decoratorcoukwp contentuploads201804BRE Testing of SmartShield Thermal Image 300x225jpg alt= width=300 height=225 srcset=httpswwwtrade decoratorcoukwp contentuploads201804BRE Testing of SmartShield Thermal Image 300x225jpg 300w httpswwwtrade decoratorcoukwp contentuploads201804BRE Testing of SmartShield Thermal Image 768x576jpg 768w httpswwwtrade decoratorcoukwp contentuploads201804BRE Testing of SmartShield Thermal Imagejpg 1000w sizes=max width 300px 100vw 300px ><noscript><a> Dulux Trade Plus Smartshield+ underwent BRE testing to assess its effectiveness on water penetration of masonry walls As shown in the thermal image above simulated wind driven rain was applied to the boxed areas one treated and one not and then evaluated after 10 days

The second product in the range, designed specifically for undecorated external brickwork, is Dulux Trade Plus Smartshield+. An invisible waterproofing coating that reduces water ingress compared to untreated substrates. Walls with higher moisture content release significantly more heat that those with lower moisture content.  Therefore, Dulux Trade Plus Smartshield+ works to help walls stay dry from rain, improving thermal efficiency whilst retaining the look and feel of a property.

Designed for fast spray application, it has been specially formulated to waterproof the substrate without sealing the surface; allowing the wall to breathe and dry out whilst improving thermal efficiency.  Offering protection for up to 10 years, Dulux Trade Plus Smartshield+ also resists damage caused by freeze thaw cycles, helping building exteriors maintain their natural beauty.

Karen Wilkinson from Dulux Trade said: “An older property of solid wall construction can lose up to 45% of its heat through its walls, wasting occupants’ money. With nearly a third of buildings in the UK of solid wall construction, Dulux Trade identified a need for easy-to-apply solutions, which will help createspaces that are energy efficient and improve comfort levels.

Independently-tested, Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ and Smartshield+ offer revolutionary benefits to enhance buildings inside and out.”

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