Multi-Surface 2K Heavy-Duty Varnish

Multi-Surface 2K Heavy-Duty Varnish

RUST-OLEUM® has developed a new clear, water-based, 2K polyurethane topcoat in matt or gloss, for interior or exterior use.

It can be used for many different purposes, such as a concrete sealer, wood varnish, anti-graffiti coating or changing the gloss level of existing coatings.


The ‘original concrete look’ is very popular at the moment, but untreated concrete is dusty and difficult to clean. With the Multi-Surface 2K Heavy-Duty Varnish (4900) that is a thing of the past. Using this almost invisible matt coating you can protect concrete against (chemical) spills and eliminate dusting without losing the original concrete look.


Wooden floors, table tops or kitchen parts suffer a lot from scratches or spills of tea, alcohol, coffee, red wine etc. Using this topcoat will make those wooden surfaces as hard and easy to clean as hard plastic without changing the look and feel of the wood. This will double the life span of these surfaces while keeping them look like new.


The gloss version of this 4900 product works as a permanent anti-graffiti coating as well. Once the surface has been sprayed with paint or ink, it is easy to clean with our GraffitiShield™ Cleaner without leaving a trace.


If your customers do not like the gloss level of their current wall, wood or floor coating, just overcoat it with one layer of the 4900 to change it to either a gloss or matt finish. At the same time you will increase the surface’s scratch and stain resistance.


The topcoat does not yellow and is resistant against ponding water, so it can be used outdoors as well. And because of the very low VOC level, indoor application is safe and has a low smell.

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