Mirka presents decorating solutions at Trade Decorator Live 2022

Visit Mirka on stand 19 at Trade Decorator Live this year, for dust free sanding solutions and  live demonstrations, designed to offer painters and decorators a wide choice of sanders and abrasives to increase their productivity and provide a dust-free sanding experience for their customers.


The new Mirka® LEROS-S combines the best-in-class features of the original LEROS, including a sanding head with 180° flexibility, and a 5mm random orbital movement, in a more compact design that makes sanding in confined spaces easier, more efficient and dust-free.

Its lightweight ergonomic design ensures it is balanced, no matter the angle at which it is used, and its two dedicated grip points provide the user with full control of the tool, which leads to less strain on the body and back.  In addition, it weighs in at less than 3.2kg, so the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue.  The sander’s brushless motor technology also ensures a constant speed with no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure and load.

When combined with Mirka’s dust-free net abrasives and suitable dust extraction, the Mirka® LEROS-S provides virtually dust-free sanding.  It has dual suction points for dust removal, so the work environment is cleaner and healthier for both the customer and user.  In addition, maintenance of the tool is minimised as there are no carbon brushes to be changed.

Mirka Deros

Also on display is the ergonomically designed, lightweight Mirka® DEROS, making it easy and convenient to manoeuvre for multiple sanding operations to achieve a highly effective smooth finish.

The sander’s ‘closed construction’ prevents dust from entering the motor, avoiding typical wear and tear damage experienced by electric machines, prolonging its life. 

It has a low profile, so the hand is close to the surface, delivering good control over the sanding process, and its long body encompasses a two-hand, ergonomic grip, effective for heavy sanding applications.  The Mirka® DEROS has low noise and vibration levels, reducing arm fatigue and minimising the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.   

The Mirka® DEROS’ innovative features also include a soft start function, a built-in electronic motor brake and a smooth, easy to operate level to control and maintain a constant motor speed.  A backing pad brake acts like a seal minimising air leakage between the pad and the shroud, making dust extraction more efficient. This is particularly important due to the increasing levels of dust associated with some woods and the potential additional work created by extraneous particles during the painting process.  In addition, its power cord is removable and interchangeable.

Completing the line-up, the Mirka® DEOS Delta and Mirka® DEOS have been designed and developed from the ground-up for use across multiple applications to meet the constantly evolving needs of the end user.

Mirka Deos

The Mirka® DEOS Delta has an ergonomic and innovative iron shape design allowing the user to access hard to reach areas easily and efficiently, delivering a flawless smooth finish from corner to corner.  Additionally, when the DEOS Delta is combined with Mirka’s net abrasives and a dust extraction unit, it provides a consistent scratch pattern and a dust-free work environment to work in, and it reduces the stress on arms and hands.

The Mirka® DEOS 353 CV 81x 133mm is suitable for stripping old paint and lacquer.  Its revolutionary design has been developed to get closer to the surface, easily accessing hard to reach areas and delivering a flawless smooth finish more rapidly than other sanders.

Chris Proffit, Mirka UK’s business sector manager for construction and decoration, says, “At Trade Decorator Live, we want to ensure that customers have access to a wide range of versatile tools and abrasive solutions, suitable for multiple applications as well as the job at hand.  The new Mirka® LEROS-S, with its compact design, will enable users to reach enclosed spaces more easily than other tools.  The Mirka® DEROS packs a high-performance punch without adding stress and strain to the arms and body.  The innovative shape of the Mirka® DEOS is the perfect tool to access hard to reach areas.  And, importantly, our sanders deliver a consistently smooth finish that is the hallmark of Mirka’s tools.”

For more information about  the products on display at Trade Decorator Live contact us on marketing.uk@mirka.com or visit  www.mirka.co.uk

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