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Mirka develops comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme to champion importance of health and wellbeing

Mirka UK is introducing a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme, which places health and wellbeing at the heart of the organisation to ensure sustainability, stability, and staff retention with the objective of delivering an industry-leading service to customers and business partners.

At the time of Covid-19, when employees were working from home, the company recognised that the unprecedented situation presented many challenges.  It established a Wellbeing Working Group and conducted a Wellbeing Survey among its staff.  As a result of the findings, four Mental Health First Aiders were recruited from across the business to be fully trained in supporting staff with their wellbeing.

The full programme, which aligns with Mirka’s Investors in People Gold Award, incorporates regular staff surveys, team WhatsApp groups, and the creation of a business card which includes the contact details of the Mental Health First Aiders and important mental health charities and organisations.  In addition, there is a series of support packages covering many areas including counselling, stress and emotional management, independent financial advice, budget planning, hints and tips on saving, and planning for retirement. 

Craig Daycock, managing director at Mirka UK, says, “Employee support should be at the heart of a healthy, stable and sustainable business.  The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated to the Mirka leadership team that a robust Employee Assistance Programme that embraces stress and emotional management will deliver strong employee retention and excellent working practices.  Our Mental Health First Aiders were selected based on emotional intelligence assessments.  The representatives from across the business all demonstrate and reflect the qualities required to listen, signpost and support staff to ensure a culture of wellbeing.  I’m so proud of the programme we have developed and am confident it will ensure the long-term health of the organisation to benefit not only our employees, but also our customers and business partners.”

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