Mirka enables decorators to do more with Mirka® LEROS

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Mirka UK will be focusing on versatility at Trade Decorator Live on stand 21 with the help of the Mirka® LEROS and Mirka® LEROS-S. The tools on display will showcase how Mirka has designed and developed its tools to meet the constantly changing needs and requirements of decorators and the challenging surfaces and jobs they are facing on a day-to-day basis. 

The Mirka® LEROS, which weighs 3.5kg, has a lightweight ergonomic design that ensures the tool is balanced, no matter the angle at which it is used, and leads to less strain on the body and back of the user. The tool’s random orbital movement responds precisely to the operator’s movements, so the sanding process is made easier, while the brushless motor technology ensures a constant speed with no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure and load.

The LEROS also has a dual voltage feature, increasing the tool’s versatility, as it is suitable for use on both residential and building sites, which use 110v to power the electric tools. 

The Mirka® LEROS-S brings together the best-in-class features of the LEROS in a compact design enabling the user to easily and efficiently sand in confined spaces. In addition, its two dedicated grip points enable full control of the tool, so it is easy to handle, whether it is being used on a wall or ceiling.

When the Mirka® LEROS and Mirka® LEROS-S are combined with Mirka’s dust-free Abranet® abrasives and suitable dust extraction, they provide the user with virtually dust-free sanding. There are dual suction points for dust removal, so the work environment is cleaner and healthier for both the customer and user. In addition, maintenance of the tool is minimised as there are no carbon brushes to be changed.

To complement the Mirka® LEROS and Mirka® LEROS-S will be two of Mirka’s other most popular models. The ergonomic and innovative Mirka® DEOS Delta has an iron shape design that allows users to access hard to reach areas easily and efficiently. The Mirka® DEOS has a low-profile design that allows the user to get closer to the surface and ensures a consistent smooth finish that is the hallmark of Mirka’s tools.

In addition to the tools, Mirka will be showing the versatile Abranet® abrasive range, which can be used for sanding multiple applications including fillers, primers, plaster, paint and composite materials. The Abranet® abrasive has been designed to provide a virtually dust-free work environment when employed with suitable dust extraction. Its hard-wearing surface also offers users a faster process and prevents the disc from rapid or premature wear, which leads to a lifespan that is 10 to 15 times longer than traditional abrasives.

Chris Proffit, Mirka UK’s business sector manager for construction and decoration, says, “We consider Trade Decorator Live to be a key show in our calendar as it attracts an engaged audience keen to learn about what tools are available on the market. It also provides us with an opportunity to meet with new and existing customers to find out their requirements, which are constantly evolving, and to see how we can assist them with the tools we have available within our product portfolio.”

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