Colorspray at the show!

For decorators, repainting PVCu is one of the biggest growth areas in the decorating market. Decorators can meet the team at ColorSpray to get advice and information on how to get started at the Trade Decorator Live on 21 and 22 June 2023, at Bolton Stadium. As well as a range of specialist coatings, we will be showing the equipment needed for this lucrative market. 

Alongside the ColorSpray team at Trade Decorator Live, will be German Spray Gun manufacturer, Sata and technical masking tape manufacturer J Tapes. Both Sata and J Tapes have a long history in the automotive industry and are partnering with ColorSpray in this sector. 

Patrick McGrory, Sales Manager at ColorSpray says: “We have come from a background of specialist supplier of coatings from the window and door industry and have developed the ColorSpray Network to make it easy for decorators and paint sprayers to get started, offering industry proven coatings and equipment. 

“The market is huge. There are millions of white PVCu windows installed in the UK that look tired and out of date. Changing the colour of windows and doors costs a fraction of the price of buying new, and the results are brilliant because you can update the look of a home within a day or two.”

The ColorSpray Network is designed to support decorators re-coating PVCu windows and doors. It includes easy online ordering with inbuilt trade discounts, as well as marketing and technical support. There are more than 200 active members of the network to date, and there has been huge growth in numbers this year. 

Customers can also get face-to-face support from ColorSpray official distributors – the first being Pro Paints in Ayr. It was set up last year and has proven that having a trade counter for walk-in purchases, collections and in person technical support and advice is extremely beneficial to customers. That’s why ColorSpray has two more trade counters within its own facilities – one in South Manchester and the other in North Kent. These will work alongside merchants like Pro Paints, so we can offer a similar experience to paint sprayers across the UK who want to cash in on the PVCu spraying market. 

Guy adds: “We are looking forward to meeting new customers and Network members at Trade Decorators Live, as well as through our distributors and our own trade counter facilities.” 

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