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Pictured on the left is the “before” photo. Pictured on the right is the completed project. 

Manor house returned to glory with TeknosPro coatings


TeknosPro’s coatings were used to transform the front door of an old manor house so that the beautiful building now has the entrance it deserves. The 140-year old house is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Ranmore Common, Surrey Hills. Part of the door’s exterior had to be replaced before it could be repainted as the wood was rotten. The joints of the front door were then filled with high-quality resin to prevent cracking from movement so the area was fully prepared prior to coating. 

Pictured on the left is the “before” photo. Pictured on the right is the completed project.

Two coats of Teknos ANTISTAIN AQUA primer were applied by an airless spray system to minimise the yellowing of the door, followed by two coats of FUTURA AQUA 40.  The panelling on the frame surrounding the door featured beading which had to be painted by hand, due to its small scale, to ensure the coatings were able to get into the grooves. The varying methods of application reflect the versatility of TeknosPro paints. The coatings are also designed to withstand the elements, and so will keep the front door of the manor house looking beautiful for years to come.  

The project was undertaken by Nick Sammut, a professional painter and decorator from Surrey-based Rushmoor Painting & Decorating. Rushmoor Painting & Decorating was formed in 2016. The team of professional painters showcases the best in artisan painting producing high-quality finishes on projects of all sizes, as seen across their active social media channels. Using the right tools for the job and paying attention to detail, Rushmoor Painting & Decorating prides itself on great quality work which is enhanced by the excellent quality of paints portfolios.  Nick comments, “When we quote our customers for the job, we include the paints that we think will be best for the project, and the majority of the time, we quote for TeknosPro coatings.”   

For further information on TeknosPro, contact 01608 688925 or visit www.teknos.com/en-GB/professionals. To discover more about Rushmoor Painting & Decorating, visit www.rushmoorpainting.co.uk. 

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