Makita introduces Cross Line Laser Measures to CXT range

  • Two new 12vMax Cross Line Lasers
  • Two new 12vMax 4 Point Cross Line Lasers
  • Robust and versatile with a range of up to 80m

Makita has introduced four new Cross Line lasers to the popular CXT range of power tools which are packed with invaluable functions for accurate interior measuring and alignment.

Both of the new self-levelling Makita 12vMax Cross Line CXT models, the SK105DZ with red laser, and the SK105GDZ with green laser, offer clear line visibility of up to 25m and 35m respectively, and 80 metres with the detector laser in pulse mode, a function that also helps to reduce battery consumption.  The increased return of the cross lines in both vertical and horizontal directions, as well as in tilt, in both locked and unlocked functions, means that the projection of the lines is not only visible to the front surface but are projected back across the ceiling, floor and side walls, and even the stairs, of a room, making them ideal for stud work or pipe work applications.

These body only lasers have a pendulum lock for safe transport or so the lines can be fixed at preferred angles if required.  The units have a beam levelling accuracy of +/- 3mm at a range of 10 metres; a horizontal and vertical line accuracy of +/- 0.3mm/m; a self-levelling range of +/- 4° and a self-levelling time of less than 3 seconds.  A helpful LED light blinks if out of level.  Weighing less than a kilo, these Class 2 Cross Line Lasers and have a ¼” tripod thread in the base.

The operating time with a Makita CXT 1.5Ah battery ranges from 15 hours for the red laser model and 7 hours for the green laser; 20hrs and 10hrs using a 2.0Ah CXT battery, and up to 40hrs and 20hrs with a 4.0Ah.  Green lasers offer increased visibility in brighter work area and is a more powerful beam.  Two brightness modes, High and Eco, can be selected dependent on working conditions.  These robust and versatile lasers are supplied with a comprehensive kit including magnetic holding adaptor, target plate, user manual, carry case and full operating and safety instructions.  Tripods are available from Makita’s comprehensive accessories range

Two further Makita Class 2 self-levelling 4 Point Cross Line Laser CXT models, the SK106DZ red laser and the SK106GDZ green laser, offer all the functions and benefits of the SK105DZ and SK105GDZ, but are dot lasers.  They project plum dots as well as a full line, giving exact measuring references between different points with a point accuracy of +/-2mm/m.

Typically these lasers are ideal for the installation of lighting systems and levelling of electric sockets; layout of pipework and ducting; the adjustment of guide rails for drop ceilings; hanging cupboards and shelves level on different walls, and for the installation of partition walls and door frames.

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