Magnet and chalkboard paint

Interactive Wall Brings Both Fun and Education to a Child's Room with Clever Paint


When James McFadyen of Paint & Paste Decor in Kirkintilloch was approached by his client to create a feature wall in their sons bedroom, they were looking for something a little different and were thrilled when presented with James’ idea of a magnetic wall that could also be a chalkboard. They loved the idea that it could be both entertaining and educational for their son.

James decided the ideal products for this project were magnet paint and chalkboard paint by Clever Paint The application process for the products is straight forward with easy-to-follow instructions on the product packaging and the Clever Paint’s website is clear and easy to understand. What James loved about the products was that the chalkboard paint could be applied directly over the Magnet paint with very little preparation.

Using the magnet paint to create a road and applying the chalkboard paint over the top, gave the effect of a green grass area above and below the road, and blue chalkboard paint at the very bottom to mimic a river or ocean and the sky. 

James said, “As a decorator, both products were great to use and work well with very little effort in application.  Both the Chalkboard and Magnet Paints are applied in the same way that you would apply most wall paints and using a small 4 or 6 inch roller and a good quality brush”…. “The products overall are really good, with the only downside being the clean-up of the Magnet paint during the sanding process, as it needs to be sanded in between coats to leave a flat surface. Other than this, I cannot fault either the Magnet or Chalkboard paints by Clever Paint and would definitely use the products again”.

The result is a complete transformation of the painted area. The use of these products has helped to create a fully interactive entertainment wall for both the child and the parents alike.

James McFadyen is the owner of Paint & Paste Decor in Kirkintilloch, just outside Glasgow.

The business has been established for 16years serving the residential market and has many repeat clients in and around the surround area. Services include everything from full property refurbishments, complete preparation services, Aims Taping, Plaster-boarding, Plastering, Painting, paintwork and wallpapering services.

 Priding themselves on their skills, workmanship and knowledge of the decorating industry, they aim to provide a quality decorating service to the highest standards, using the best products and tools to complete every project to the customers exact requirements.





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