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Long Term Protection for Timber with Wethertex


Façade refurbishment and a new colour scheme with long life protection, this project was ideal to demonstrate Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Timber Paint and convince specialist applicator, Cladding Coatings of its real benefits for them and their client, Metsä Wood in Widnes, Cheshire.

Metsä Wood supplies premium quality wood products to many sectors including the construction industry and, unsurprisingly, their office building was clad in timber. Needing a ‘spruce’ up with added production from the elements Metsä called in specialist cladding contractor, Cladding Coatings to undertake the works on over 500m2 of timber cladding in two bespoke colour shades and at differing levels. Wethertex worked closely with Cladding Coatings on this project as this was the first time they had used the product and also colour matched the materials to the exact client RAL requirements.

Firstly, the whole area was power, or hand sanded then thoroughly cleaned ready for the first coat of the water based Wethertex OT25. Any areas that needed filling were rectified to ensure a smooth surface for the final coat. Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex is opaque and dries to an attractive satin finish.

The properties of OT25 make it excellent for the coating of timber clad facades as it is highly flexible using Optilife silicone resin technology that allows movement with the substrate, avoiding cracks. It is quick drying and easily applied with brush, roller or spray making it ideal for the busy contractor. While providing ultra-waterproofing, Optilife silicone technology also ensure the product is micro porous therefore allowing the building to breath, reducing trapped moisture that allows the build up of mould and mildew. Available in 25 standard colours and having exceptional UV Stability, Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Timber Paint will give up to 12 years durability to extend the lifetime of wooden cladding.

Cladding Coatings enjoyed using the product so much they have added it to their trusted product portfolio for recommendation to potential clients. Having assessed the quality of this project and the many others carried out by Cladding Coatings, Wethertex were happy to add them to their Registered Contractor Scheme. 

For more information on Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Timber Paint visit www.wethertex.co.uk or call 01845 578 555.

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