Hamilton don’t mean stop using it of course! The well-known decorating tools brand is referring more to ensuring you get that smooth, sometimes reflective, finish that can raise your game when finishing off gloss work.

A brush for the job

After sharing a recent video from one of their end users on social media, Hamilton have received a lot of interest in their Prestige Laying-Off Brush.  This slim, very fine tipped brush uses high specification filaments that are designed for finishing freshly painted gloss work, to ensure a smooth, streak free result.

Part of a Prestige range

The laying-off brush is part of Hamilton’s Prestige range of brushes – a well-used portfolio of reliable and durable flat, angled and sash brushes that are designed to deliver a great result. High specification fibres deliver excellent paint pick up and a finer finish, whilst the all-important combination of steady paint release and a consistent flow ensures a top-quality job.

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