Kevin Haughey Painting & Decorating and his new must need tool, Peeltec, from the creators of CT1.


Keving Haughey and his team, are a busy team of 3. Local to the North East of Ireland, they are a service heavily in demand. Skilled painters and decorators from commercial to residential, take pride in their work. Working on materials that demand care and attention, and some that need special extra TLC, with some heritage listed Castles developed into hotels along the rugged coast.

One such job that Kevin himself felt he could not deliver on, and felt he was going to have to let his client down on, was a large house in Co. Louth. The new owners moved home from USA and wanted the staircase and bannisters changed from Oak to a warm walnut colour instead.

The difficulty being was that the banisters, hand rails and stair case had over 20 coats of varnish and would prove literally impossible to do. Kevin being in the trade and familiar with CT1, heard of their latest product Peel Tec with ground breaking technology. Peel Tec which is 100% Methyl Chloride free! Since the EU banned this harmful substance, the industry including Kevin found that paint strippers were really now ineffective … until Peel Tec.

When Kevin had secured this job, he seen how difficult it would have been and feared it was impossible. He tried Peel Tec and couldn’t believe his eyes and how easy this was. Saving hours and hours of labour and elbow grease, he applied Peel Tec and within minutes, layers of the 20 year old varnish peeled away. Indeed as the tin says “Don’t burn it, Peel it!”

Kevin said he couldn’t believe his eyes, and had never seen a product act as quick! Also the fact that Peel Tec is user friendly, it doesn’t burn your skin or sting your eyes. Bonus!! The beauty with this product is that it will also not damage the base material being used, so no damage to glass or wood or sensitive products. Kevin said “What also made it so user friendly was the handy nozzle, delivering the right amount of product onto any surface.” Kevin has said that Peel Tec is now an invaluable part of his tools for the trade and every painter should have one!

The skilled crew at Kevin Haughey Painting and Decorating were also commissioned to restore old sash windows in a Castle in Kildare. Peel Tec will be on hand as it acts fast. You simply spray and the paint peels away! A big part of their job is re-spraying kitchens … Peel Tec will be there to ease the labour and get those jobs done faster and with more efficiency. 

Peeltec – Paint simply just peels away!

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