Johnstone’s Trade has launched Perfect Matt, an innovative new paint that has been designed to eliminate visible application marks highlighted by critical lighting and the extra time taken to resolve them. 

On large, broad wall surfaces, paint finishes are often subject to criticism due to the visible application marks that can be seen in areas of critical lighting, for example where there are large windows or spotlights.

In a recent survey hosted by Johnstone’s Trade, 73 per cent of decorators said that visible applications marks are a problem, with 85 per cent agreeing that extra time and effort needs to be put into jobs in order to avoid visible application marks.

To address this, Johnstone’s Trade has developed the innovative Perfect Matt with Smooth Layer technology, which means the paint has a balanced ratio of binding agent, additives and pigments to deliver a flawless, flat matt finish with ease – even on the most challenging of projects. The unique technology eliminates the impact of visible application marks such as streaks and overlapping, as well as the costs associated with the extra time spent returning to site to repaint surfaces. 

Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt can also be used to re-touch and spot repair effortlessly, ensuring any spoiled areas dry to blend in flawlessly with the surrounding surface. With 78 per cent of decorators agreeing they invest additional time and effort into making sure the finish on a job is smooth and consistent, it’s important professionals have a solution that can save them time and money. Now, thanks to Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt, they no longer need to repaint entire areas and can just re-touch or spot repair the small area required. It also achieves the same flat matt finish when applied to high-absorbency surfaces or over filler marks, with no need for a primer.

David Baines, Technical Specification Manager Key Accounts, at Johnstone’s Trade, explained: “We know professional painters and decorators care about the results of their work. They often find themselves putting in a lot of time and effort into making sure the finish is as smooth and consistent as possible. This can often mean additional and unexpected time and costs spent on the job completing spot repair or snagging lists and generally ensuring the job meets their customers’ expectations. 

“That’s why we developed Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt with its Smooth Layer technology – to provide a solution that resolves issues we know the industry faces. Now, professionals can be confident they’ll achieve a flawless finish and any associated spot repairs will be effortless.” 

Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt is available in a range of Voice of Colour shades, and can be purchased in 2.5L, 5L and 10L sizes. The new paint also has a class 1 scrub rating. 

For more information about Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt, head to your local Johnstone’s stockist or visit:

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