How to avoid brush and roller marks when painting


How to avoid brush and roller marks when painting

We think it is safe to say that achieving a perfect looking finish when painting is something every professional decorator aims for. Our recommendations for getting it right the first time, every time, is by implementing the following:


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Preparation is key to getting the most professional looking finish possible. Take the time to make these preparations as it will always be worth it.

Use high-quality products

Using cheap brushes and rollers, although might be cost-effective, will not give you the most professional looking finish. Low-quality brushes will usually leave hairs in your paintwork and rollers tend to soak up paint unevenly, making it difficult to get good coverage.

Stir well

When opening your paint remember to stir it very well to achieve an even mix all the way through. Tins can be sat in stores or warehouses for months and so can separate slightly. We also recommend that if you are using more than one tin of paint to mix them together before painting as it is possible to have slight variations of colour between batches.

Ensure good lighting

Good lighting will help make sure that you are achieving the most even possible finish. Sometimes lines or patches can seem to appear overnight once the sun has helped illuminate the room.

Floetrol 1L and 500ml

Use a paint conditioner

Even the best quality paints can still leave brush and roller marks on walls and fixtures, creating an uneven and more “DIY” looking finish. One of the best ways to improve upon the finish is by using a paint conditioner such as Floetrol or Owatrol Oil.

Floetrol is designed to be used with all water-based paints and makes them perform more like an oil-based paint. It is extremely effective and reducing or even removing unsightly brush and roller marks by improving the natural flow of the paint. This in turn maintains the wet edge time for longer, which allows you more time to achieve the perfect finish. It does this all without affecting the inherent qualities and colour of the paint.

Simply add a small amount to the paint as per the instructions, stir in well and you’re good to go.

Owatrol Oil has been created for the same purposes as Floetrol, except it is for use in oil-based paints instead of water-based ones. Our Owatrol Oil technology also acts as a rust inhibitor and aids in the prevention of cracking and peeling.

Just like with Floetrol, you simply need to add a small amount of Owatrol Oil to your oil-based paint as per the instructions and stir in well.

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