Historically-inspired home painted with TeknosPro


A new cottage in Chobham, Surrey, has been designed to mimic neighbouring cottages that were built over two hundred years ago.   

To give the home a beautiful modern touch which blends seamlessly in the cottage’s historically-inspired framework, a full matt wall paint, TeknosPro 5, was used on the walls and ceilings. The coating was chosen for its easy application with both a roller and brush – which was needed to cut in around the wooden ceiling beams, fireplace and windows. TeknosPro 5 provides full coverage with a smooth finish and a quick drying time, leaving the homeowners very impressed with the results.  

The project was undertaken by Nick Sammut, a professional painter and decorator from Surrey-based Rushmoor Painting & Decorating. Rushmoor Painting & Decorating was formed in 2016. The team of professional painters showcases the best in artisan painting producing high-quality finishes on projects of all sizes, as seen across their active social media channels. Using the right tools for the job and paying attention to detail, Rushmoor Painting & Decorating prides itself on great quality work which is enhanced by the excellent quality of paints portfolios.  Nick comments, “When you’re a professional painter and decorator, you want good quality paint at an affordable price which is why I choose TeknosPro coatings.”    

For further information on TeknosPro, contact 01608 688925 or visit www.teknos.com/en-GB/professionals. To discover more about Rushmoor Painting & Decorating, visit www.rushmoorpainting.co.uk. 

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