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Lee Briggs comes from a family of decorators, but he didn’t set out to be a decorator. He fell into and loved it.  We joined Lee on a huge house renovation project in Suffolk and he described his passion for his job, “I love the finish. I love seeing something old and decrepit and giving it a new lease of life.”

With over a decade of experience in the decorating industry, in April 2013 Lee set up his own company, EDGE Decorating Services Ltd.  Based in Ipswich, his team provide high quality professional painting and carpentry services to high-end clients in Suffolk, Essex and London, working on a range of projects from apartment complexes and mansions to offices. 

When first starting out, Lee was hand sanding and cheap sanders. Sanding down ceilings, sanding down walls and getting covered in dust. He’d spend valuable time preparing a client’s house for the mess that would be ensue, sheeting up all the furniture and units. Lee describes getting “dust in my eyes, in my hair, in my clothes. I’d be covered in dust.”

Today, Lee’s working environment looks very different from the dusty, sheet covered sites of his past.  “Our clients’ standards our high and we pride ourselves on delivering a service that exceeds expectations” he says, and to achieve this “we only use Festool sanders…as these tools enable the team to produce high-quality work, faster and without the mess.” Clients and workers are protected from health damaging dust.

Lee hasn’t always used Festool, until 2014 he hadn’t even heard of Festool. He’d been given job on price to sand down 20 doors for a housing firm when his sander packed up.  The old doors had about ten years-worth of different coloured paint.  In his local dealer, he was looking for a cheap replacement, on hearing the job he was working on the he was recommended a Festool sander and extractor. Lee was dubious about whether it would be worth the money. However, as soon as he tried it he was amazed. “The preparation was phenomenal and because of the dust extraction there was hardly any dust visible.  That sander was never going back to the shop.” With the Festool system, what would have taken two weeks by hand to do, took four hours. The job having taken less time than anticipated, meant his profit margin was higher and the ETS EC sander and Midi extractor paid for itself on one job.  The client was so impressed with the speed and finish of the doors, Lee was offered more contracts and still works with them to date.

It is this ability to produce a high-quality finish at speed that makes Festool such an integral part of Lee’s life as it allows him to get off a job site the earliest. Family life is very important to Lee with his wife and two children. “That’s why I don’t mind investing in products that will speed up the process.” He says.  “It gives me more time to do the stuff I enjoy. Like getting home early to the kids, taking them to football or dance class.” 

“There is that phrase, there isn’t enough time in the day. So, if you have something that speeds up the process, like I do with my Festool products, then why not use it?” 

To discover more about EDGE Decorating Services and Festool. Check out the video.


Festool is an award-winning manufacturer of professional power tools for tradespeople. From dust extractors to top of the range sanders, Festool can meet your needs. Visit www.festool.co.uk for more information.

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