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Hassle-free painting


The HighTower Painting Tripod System is a truly innovative painting tool for both DIYers and professional painters.

This system is an extendable and moveable tripod, with a quick release paint bucket attached. Hightower offers a safer, faster painting process when working at height by reducing the time spent climbing up and down the ladder fetching paint and tools. At HighTower, they pride themselves on safety. The HighTower Painting Tripod allows for safer painting, maximising your three point contact while painting on a ladder. No more unnecessary back bending or holding heavy tins when painting in a standing position.

Keith McGrory, the founder of HighTower, is a registered house builder and qualified construction quantity surveyor. Keith has over 15 years of experience in the industry. It is this experience that led him to create the HighTower Painting Tripod System. “One evening I was tired and had enough of climbing up and down the ladder to fetch paint and accessories when completing a refurbishment. I suddenly thought to myself there must be an easier way to doing this!”.

  • Safer and faster painting at height
  • Reduced risk of falling
  • Reduces back bending and back stress
  • Paint & tools at easy reach
  • Less climbing up and down ladders
  • Less mess and easy clean up

Hightower is an award winning company with worldwide patent pending. Their products have been designed, developed and manufactured in Waterford.

See more at www.Hightowerpainting.com. To become a stockist contact info@hightowerpainting.com.

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