Graphenstone Provides a Solution to the Harmful Paint Substances in the Home that Make People Ill


Graphenstone, one of the most certified sustainable paint companies in the world, offers harm-free paints and primers, certified by the pre-eminent evaluators of products in the world such as Cradle to Cradle Institute, Green Tag and Eurofins Air Comfort.

Graphenstone is MIT-free and maintains extremely high-quality products. Their pigmentation and coverage are superior to other premium paint brands — both mainstream and eco.

Hilary Lovell, a Graphenstone client, says: “I’m one of many MIT allergy sufferers. It’s a nasty allergy that affects the skin and airways, causing flare-ups that impact your health and everyday life.” Lovell reacts to the preservative methylisothiazolinone (MIT), which is routinely incorporated into paint, creams, shampoos and wet wipes. Experts have warned of an epidemic of reactions, and the symptoms include rash, blisters, itchy eyes and swelling of the face. “One area this allergy makes challenging is decorating,” added Lovell. “Every high- street brand uses MIT as a preservative, even the ‘eco’ brands claiming to be allergy-friendly. If you have allergies and wish to decorate, I recommend contacting Graphenstone to find out which Graphenstone products are suitable for your situation.”

Graphenstone is for consumers who want to use paint that will not harm their health or the planet. Its coatings are 100 percent natural and contain none of the plastics, chemicals (trace VOCs only, at under 0.1 percent), or solvents commonly found in other paints.

Some ranges even purify the air. By curing and hardening after application, the lime ranges absorb CO2. That is quite a change from the toxins and pollutants released by most non-mineral paints, which can linger on for years after application.

“The porous nature of Graphenstone paints ensures that walls can breathe. Preventing allergens, mold, and moisture buildup. This creates a safe and healthy environment at home,” stated Patrick Folkes, CEO.

To reduce the frequency with which people need to paint, Graphenstone paints combine ancient natural minerals (lime, silicate, clay and chalk) with 21st-century graphene technology. Aside from being eco-friendly, graphene is also the strongest material known to science and is highly elastic, so there is less cracking and snagging after painting. These beautiful natural minerals capture light, reflecting colors and warmth into the home.

They have garnered more globally recognized certifications than any other mineral paint brand from the most revered harm-free product evaluators globally.

Independently inspected by the Cradle to Cradle Institute, Ecolabel, Green Tag, and Eurofins (amongst others), Graphenstone is the ultimate sustainable brand. These agencies holistically examine all aspects of the production processes and how materials are sourced, reviewing the ingredients used, down to 100 parts per million.

Their evaluation is based on energy and water usage, social responsibility and environmental impact. Eventually, returning to nature, they evaluate the final ecological effects of the paints.

People now spend up to 90 percent of their time inside, so it is important that these independently certified credentials can now bring the Cradle to Cradle concept into a beautifully painted, environmentally friendly and healthy home.

In addition to offering allergy and environmental protection, Graphenstone also provides unbeatable customer service and support.

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