Glow Paint

by Clever Paint provides night-time magic for little boy's bedroom

When Matt Tector at Tector Colour was asked by an existing client if there was anything he could suggest for decorating their dinosaur mad child’s bedroom, he began exploring the option of a wall mural. He then got chatting with the client about creating something a bit more bespoke that the child could help design. After discussing a few options they decided a customisable approach would be best. Matt created a main feature image, with space to add pictures and posters around it. The little boy’s favourite dinosaur is the T-Rex, so this was to be the centre of attention. Matt suggested a wire frame type image, and then to make it really pop at night, Glow paint by Clever Paint was applied on top to create a glow in the dark feature wall.

The wire frame was achieved using a washi tape in matt black, with a picture the client’s son had chosen as a guide. He wanted it to help keep guard at night, with the glow in the dark paint providing a night light type effect.

The glow in the dark paint, coupled with the wire frame design really works well together. The paint doesn’t glow over the black tape, so it was applied using a foam roller with minimal cutting in required. This helped to achieve an even finish. The product can be recoated in an hour, with three coats as a guide and brighter effects can be achieved with more coats. 

Matt said, “About half of the segments were given an additional two coats to give a more dynamic look. It’s very simple to apply, with a pva glue type colour when applying and the product dries clear, with a slight yellow tinge. When framed out with the tape the dinosaur doesn’t at first glance appear to have a special coating on it in the day, with only a close inspection revealing the hint of colour. The little lad is over the moon with his new dinosaur night guard “Speedy”. He’s already asking his parents for a velociraptor next! Clean-up is interesting. It’s water based, so easy to clean out. However, being basically clear you don’t quite know if you’ve got it all out. I’d recommend double cleaning to prevent your sink and brush glowing in the dark as mine did! Also, whilst still half asleep in the night, I noticed my hands were glowing! It gave a slight scare, much to the wife’s amusement”… “I’d definitely recommend it for use for this type of application. It provides a bright glow and it’s easy to apply. Recoat times of an hour are brilliant, plus its water based for easy clean-up. Using it as a special effect, as we have, worked really well”

Tector Colour almost exclusively work on residential properties in the Midlands for redecoration and say, “Being able to talk through projects and offer unique ideas, or options that clients don’t know exist, helps to keep things fresh for us, plus it gives the client a personalised experience they enjoy”. Mark offers anything from a quick paint freshen up to a full house wallpaper strip and replace.


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