Get the flawless finish with tesa

Achieve flawless finishes every time and save time and money with tesa masking tapes and easy covers for painting and plastering.


Our market leading tape range is a result of over 125 Years of innovation – in the late 1890s the worlds first technical adhesive tape was produced by Dr. Oscar Troplowitz. Now our adhesive tape’s find themselves in everyday items like smart phones and watches, tablets, vehicles and even adhesive strips that administer medication.

With this experience and expertise, we are confident the next time you pick up your roll of tesa masking or repairing tape, you are benefiting from vast research and development, trial and testing – to make sure you have the best product there is.

Whether painting indoors or outdoors, using a roller and paint brush, spraying paint or plaster, painters and decorators can paint with confidence knowing there’s no need for additional re-work or cutting in when using our assortment of tapes and easy-covers.

Indoor Masking Tapes

For indoor masking, decortors can produce a flawless paint finish with precise, razor-sharp edges and no paint bleed with tesa Professional 4334 Precision Mask® which has 6-months residue-free removal and is also available in a low-tack adhesive – tesa Professional 4333 Precision Mask® Sensitive – for delicate surfaces such as wallpaper or freshly painted walls.

Outdoor Masking Tapes

For painting outdoors, changing temperatures and weather makes stringent demands for a masking tape but thanks to tesa Professional 4440 Precision Mask® Outdoor and it’s UV and humidity resistance qualities – which can be used on textured surfaces for up to 26-weeks – precise paint edges are made possible.

Large area masking

For covering up larger areas when painting, spraying, or lacquering, tesa Easy Cover® 2-in-1 masking solutions protect from any accidental overspray. The range is equipped with either HDPE film or paper and the market leading Precision Mask or paper masking tape allowing decorators to achieve perfect lines on smooth and slightly textured surfaces.

Masking for Plastering

Think of the surfaces that you wish to apply the plaster to: brick, breeze block or concrete, in their nature these are not smooth, they can be dusty and are porous which can cause some adhesive tapes to fail.

Our range of masking tapes for plaster are based on waterproof, hand-tearable cloth, PVC and now our new environmentally friendly PE tapes. They can be applied on cold or damp brickwork or concrete, for example if you are looking to create a new room by converting an old basement.

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