Game, set, match: Leyland Trade launches new Colour Reader


Leyland Trade has launched a new portable Colour Reader, which has been designed to make it quicker and easier for trade professionals to scan and match customer’s paint colours for the projects that they are working on. The Colour Reader is the latest addition to the range of colour tools on offer from Leyland Trade.

The Colour Reader works by simply positioning a pocket-sized scanner on a sample of a colour and, with the click of a button, it will instantly provide the closest match across four different colour palettes. It will even provide the next two closest matches. Customers can then simply purchase a Leyland Trade tester pot to test their colour selection in their room. The result is less hassle and guesswork for tradespeople, providing reassurance to customers and removing stress and doubt around mis-matched colours.

There are two versions of the Colour Reader: the Colour Reader and the Colour Reader Pro. The Colour Reader comprises a simple and compact scanning device which links up to an associated, free-to-download app. The Colour Reader Pro maintains the sleek, pocket-sized dimensions, but includes an in-built screen to remove the requirement of the app.

Leyland Trade paint colours can be mixed at over 490 locations across the UK. The trade-proven paint brand is available in four palettes; Leyland Trade Colour, PPG Master Colour Collection, RAL and BS4800, all of which are pre-programmed into the Colour Reader app.

The Colour Reader or Colour Reader Pro can be used in conjunction with the Leyland Trade Product and Colour Guide and Leyland Trade Fan Deck, to make it as easy to work with the brand’s colour offering as possible.

Emma Meeres, Marketing Manager at Leyland Trade, said: “We recognise that working with coloured paints can sometimes present challenges for trade professionals, including having multiple fan deckson hand, buying and testing lots of sample pots, and even returning paint that doesn’t quite match. But we also know that being proficient and confident in working with colour can open up new opportunities for our customers.

“We want to make working with colour as easy and effective as possible. The new Colour Reader is our latest investment in supporting customers in making the most out of the extensive colour range offered by Leyland Trade. It’s a revolution in terms of being able to get a colour match instantly from a sample which can then be mixed at participating Leyland Trade stockists. The result is that tradespeople can get a colour match they can be confident in, from the brand they know and trust.”

While the Colour Reader is the most effective way to quickly and easily scan and match customer samples when on a project, Leyland Trade also offers colour matching to tradespeople who don’t have the device. Professionals can simply bring a sample into participating Leyland Trade stockists, where in-store facilities will allow the item to be scanned, matched and mixed in one of the extensive range of Leyland Trade colours.

The Colour Reader can be purchased via the extensive network of Leyland Trade stockists.

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