FIX RADIO – Trade Decorator Festival takeover

Fri, 9 Oct 2020 18:00 (BST)

The Painting and Decorating Show on Fix Radio is the UK’s only mainstream broadcast Painting and Decorating show and airs on Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm.

Join Joel Bardall in this Trade Decorator Festival takeover as he takes a look at all the latest topics in the market including product launches, top tips, and exclusive deals.

Joel is also joined by some of the biggest names from across the industry giving their view on the latest news and developments.

“Joel here with a quick update on some of the things we’ve been covering on The Painting & Decorating Show with Leyland SDM. I’ve had many guests on lately from the world of Painting & Decorating – one particular highlight was Jon Mears from Andura Coatings. Jon gave us an exclusive behind the scenes breakdown on the supply issues paint manufacturers are having during the pandemic due to limitations around the shipping of raw materials from China. Jon told us how Andura saw these issues coming as far back as January of this year and how they overcame them to ensure Andura could still offer their products to their customer base. We’ve also had some great and well known decorators from across the country on like Simon the Painter from Property Ready, Dan Ralph from Pro Paint UK, and Nick the Decorator whose shout out to Toupret during the show was picked up on and widely shared by Toupret. You can also catch me closing the Trade Decorator Festival on the 9th of October with an interactive and informal round table discussion with plenty of well-known Decorating social media stars.

Guests to be announced soon!

Don’t forget to catch Joel every Tuesday evening from 6pm with his great guests – sharing stories, skills, discussing the latest products and more!”

The Painting and Decorating Show on Fix Radio is brought to you in partnership with Leyland SDM. Leyland SDM have 23 stores across Central London, each packed with thousands of trade quality decorating and DIY products. They also offer in store services such as paint colour mixing and same day delivery.

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