Trade Decorator Forum Members Test CT1’s FC1: 20 Random Members Dive In



In an exciting initiative, Trade Decorator Forum, a vibrant community on Facebook, selected 20 members at random to test and review CT1’s latest product, FC1. The response was overwhelming, with participants eagerly sharing their insights, thoughts, and opinions on this innovative offering.

The feedback provided by these 20 members proved invaluable, offering a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. From seasoned professionals to newcomers in the field, each contribution added depth and richness to the evaluation process.

Among the multitude of responses, several standout opinions emerged, highlighting the efficacy, versatility, and user-friendliness of FC1. These favourites underscored the product’s ability to meet the needs of various trade applications, reaffirming CT1’s commitment to delivering solutions that resonate with the diverse needs of its user base.

As the Trade Decorator Forum continues to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the trade community, initiatives like this demonstrate the power of collective feedback in shaping the future of product development and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and collaborations from Trade Decorator Forum and CT1.

Here are just a few of the reviews that stood out for CT1:

This product is the best l’ve tried in a long time. As a caulk wow going along skirting and door frames it went on smooth nice flow and when it came to painting over it no problem at all. As a filler, I used it over screw holes on a wall and there was no flashing when it was painted over. Gladly give it a 10 and would I buy it yep certainly would. – Paul Topps

Take my word for it, the end results are great. Quite wide gaps that I don’t usually like using caulk for, but they didn’t slump overnight and didn’t craze after being painted. It’s good stuff, I would recommend cutting the nozzle a bit smaller than usual because it flows quickly! Went back to look at the results yesterday, the client is happy so l am too. – Aidan Watts

It’s taken me a while to actually make use of this stuff, and I’m absolutely blown away by it. Normally I’d leave any caulking to cure overnight before over painting but I was on a time restraint so only left it for about 3 or 4 hours, went back to the job this evening to check it hadn’t crazed, and it looked spot on. It’s a great time saver that’s for certain, and I’ll definitely be buying in the future. – Robert Thompson

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