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New survey reveals up to a quarter of tradespeople don’t protect their sight

  • More than a quarter of tradespeople don’t protect their eyes on-site
  • One in three know someone who has injured their eyes on the job
  • Painters are the worst offenders (26%), followed by brickies (24%) and sparks (22%)
  • Survey commissioned by Specsavers for National Eye Health Week (18-24 September)

Many tradespeople are putting their health at risk with more than a quarter (26%) of workers admitting they don’t protect their eyes on-site, according to a new survey from Specsavers.

This comes despite more than one in three (35%) of tradespeople admitting they know of someone who has injured their eyes at work.

Painters were the worst culprits, with 26% admitting they never wear safety eyewear, followed by brickies (24%) and sparks (22%). That’s a real risk for workers’ health, according to experts from Specsavers.

‘Things commonly found on building sites such as paints, solvents and debris can cause serious harm if you get them in your eyes. This National Eye Health Week we’re asking workers to open their eyes and put safety first by making sure they are equipped with the proper PPE,” said Giles Edmonds, Clinical Services Director at Specsavers.

As well as building materials, prolonged exposure to UV rays from working outdoors can increase the chances of eye conditions such as cataracts.

Giles continued: ‘According to our findings up to half of workers need prescription glasses but 60% of those workers are only wearing their normal glasses on the job – meaning they are putting their eyes at serious risk.’

Specsavers has developed a range of safety glasses equipped with scratch-resistant lenses and robust frame materials. The safety glasses are fitted with prescription lenses, allowing them to be worn in place of employees’ everyday spectacles.

To find out more about Specsavers’ construction range and regulation visit: https://www.specsavers.co.uk/corporate/safety-eyewear/construction


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