Extend your painting season this Autumn


Extend your painting season this Autumn with Valspar Trade

Autumn is nearly here and with it comes unsettled, colder weather. However, there are now solutions available that allow you to carry on with exterior work in much lower temperatures. Steve Cotton, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Valspar Trade explains all below.

For professional painters and decorators, battling with the weather can often be a challenge, with certain weather having differing effects on your paint. For example, whilst painting in direct sunlight sounds great, it’s not really the case… Paint needs time to soak into the substrate to properly adhere and if left in direct sunlight this may not happen, leaving the paint liable to fail. Similar to painting in the sun, painting during windy conditions can cause your paint to not adhere correctly, as the solvents or water in the paint can evaporate too quickly, causing the paint to not absorb into the substrate properly. Additionally, there is a chance that loose-lying sediments in the surrounding area can be blown into the wet paint, getting stuck during the drying process.

What’s more, when it comes to high temperatures, this can often mean higher humidity – especially in the UK. This means that the paint is exposed to a greater amount of water vapour, which can cause the binding agents in your paint to take longer to evaporate, thus effecting the speed with which paint will adhere. 

Cold weather can have similar effects to that of warm weather too, with the UK winter bringing high relative humidity. Because of this, certain paint can experience adverse effects when used in lower temperatures – with the colder weather causing paint shrinking, which results in cracks forming, causing flaking and the loss of paint from the building. 

These issues were a particular driver behind the development of Valspar Trade’s Masonry Smooth paint. Fully water-based and manufactured with SeasonFlex technology, Masonry Smooth can be used in temperatures as low as 2°C, allowing tradespeople to extend their exterior painting season. Not only this, but it is also showerproof in 30 minutes, microporous and dirt resistant. 

It is also very versatile and can be applied to a variety of surfaces. This includes, render, brick, breeze block, red brick, concrete, cement, pebbledash and vertical stone. This gives decorators the ability to take on a range of different jobs regardless of the surface type they are being asked to paint. 

And when it comes to colour, decorators can choose from 2,000 pre-selected colours or can have Masonry Smooth colour matched to over 2.2 million colours. If the eye can see it, Valspar Trade can mix it!

All of Valspar Trade’s products are available exclusively from TradePoint at B&Q. To find out more, visit www.valspartrade.co.uk.





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