Europe-wide project to set the benchmark for trade

Industry experts across Europe have joined forces to establish a clear set of standards for the painting and decorating industry.

The Painting and Decorating Association (PDA), is working with national trade bodies across Europe through the International Union of Painting Contractors (UNIEP) to create a universal education and training structure, which will set the benchmark of quality across the continent.

UNIEP’s PaintingSkillsAcademy aims to provide clear routes of progression and enable operatives to work internationally as well as showcasing the breadth of talent and professionalism in the trade.

The project is identifying similarities and core skills that will allow international standards to be set, while recognising the different requirements and regulations in different nations.

Ann Cook of Ann Cook Associates, is working with the PDA on the Painting Skills Academy project. She said: “This structure is something that is being put together by experts in the craft across Europe – and although we don’t have anything similar to this project in the UK, but we are involved through the PDA’s UNIEP membership.

“It’s a mutually beneficial project which will allow experienced painters and decorators to gain more skills and broaden their professionalism, while demonstrating a clear way forward and career progression for young people entering the industry.

“The PDA is working closely with UNIEP to agree a consensus on the qualification standards that will be available through the PaintingSkillsAcademy.

“Part of the process includes asking people in the craft to give feedback on the proposals as we develop the project further.”

A final-stage workshop will be held on November 10, at which Ann will present the final draft proposals and seek feedback from members of the trade.

To find out more about the PaintingSkillsAcademy, check out the UNIEP tab in the Education, Training and Apprenticeships section of the PDA’s online Members Hub, or visit

PDA Chief Executive Neil Ogilvie said: “The framework that is being formed through the UNIEP Painting Skills Academy project is a collaborative effort to establish clear professional standards and demonstrate the breadth of skill and professionalism within the painting and decorating sector.

“We are delighted to have Ann’s expertise to draw on as the project progresses and welcome the aims of the PaintingSkillsAcademy, which will ultimately be of benefit to the craft in the UK and our neighbours in Europe.”

For more about the PDA, or apply to join, visit:

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