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Eco Ezee Limited


Eco Ezee Limited
West Hill Manor Barn,
Hemploe Drive,
Welford, UK

Tel: +44 (0)01858 575454

Award winning handcrafted professional quality paint brushes, formulated for superior results with all types of paints.

  • Brush handles are made from bamboo, lighter than oak, highly durable and comes from a fast growing, sustainable natural resource
  • The ferrule is made from recycled stainless steel
  • The filaments are made from a blended mixture of recycled natural and synthetic bristle designed to provide a lifetime of use and deliver consistently excellent results with all paint types
  • All brushes are solid, round tapered (SRT) tipped and flagged

By offering our customers ‘sustainability without compromise’ on quality we are helping them win new customers and contracts by offering a unique point of difference in highly competitive markets. Most people now accept the real benefits that come from a more sustainable approach to consumption, but it is often seen as something that comes with a cost premium attached. Our ethos is centered around providing high quality, sustainable products without any cost premium ensuring that our range ‘doesn’t cost the earth’ in more ways then one!!

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