Dulux Trade launches Diamond Satinwood, for when the going gets tough


Dulux Trade has launched Diamond Satinwood, demonstrating further commitment to water-based solutions. The new water-based formulation promises excellent flow for a high quality finish and professional results. 

The new-to-market formulation has been designed to allow decorators to switch to a water-based product that will uphold the durability promise of the Dulux Trade Diamond range. Made for use on woodwork and trims, the water-based solution is – like the rest of the Diamond range – scuff, scrub and stain resistant – offering great durability against stains, grease marks and day-to-day knocks.

The launch of Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood means that Dulux Trade now offer a complete range of water-based products, that all provide the brilliant finish for which the brand is known.

The Dulux Trade Quick Dry range has also been given a makeover, with the packaging redesigned to make it easier for painters and decorators to identify water-based alternatives on shelf.

Significant investment in research and product development has ensured that the Dulux Trade water-based alternatives can stand up against solvent-based solutions in providing the professional finish and ease of application, whilst delivering quicker drying time and lower odour.

The Dulux Trade Quick Dry range and the new Diamond Satinwood formulas dry twice as fast as solvent based paints. The formulation is recoatable in just six hours, allowing professionals to complete their work in half the time, enabling them to get onto the next job faster.

Following substantial investment in research, trials and development of the new product over the past five years, the range has been designed to ensure that professional decorators are able to make the transition away from solvent-based products, without compromising on quality.

Ahead of launch, as well as lab testing, the Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood formulation underwent real-world trials in the Dulux Academy. These trials were carried out not just by research and development experts, but with painters and decorators themselves, to ensure that the product met the needs of their day-to-day jobs.

Competition amongst painters and decorators has grown fierce and increasingly, professionals are looking for new products to stand them apart – a trend recognised by Dulux Trade in the development of its water-based paints.

According to Dulux Trade’s market data, there was a 13 per cent increase in water based sales from 2017 vs 2016, compared to a seven per cent decrease in the purchase of traditional solvent based paints, highlighting the growth in search for innovative, high quality decorating solutions. This emphasises the growing appetite amongst painters and decorators for more efficient options, whilst maintaining the same high quality, long-lasting finish as traditional methods.

Karen Wilkinson at Dulux Trade explains, “We are continuously looking at ways we can create solutions to help painters and decorators across the country. This range was born of listening to the ambitions and needs of Dulux Trade customers who need to leave every job, proud that the finish is brilliant and it’s their name that’s on it, in order to keep their customers coming back. 

“We’ve invested and researched tirelessly to make sure that our product quality isn’t compromised and our Dulux Trade customers can have the confidence to switch to water-based for good.”

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