Dulux Select Decorators smash fundraising target

For The Rainy Day Trust Charity at Dulux’s Race to the King

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A team of six Dulux Select Decorators, renowned for their expertise in providing top-quality painting and decorating services, successfully participated in Dulux Race to the King and topped their fundraising target. Setting off from Goodwood Racecourse, alongside hundreds of other participants, AkzoNobel employees, friends and families ran, walked and jogged distances from 10km up to 100km through the picturesque backdrop of the South Downs on 17th and 18th June.

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Not only did they showcase their commitment to fitness and well-being, but the Dulux Select Decorator team almost doubled their original fundraising target of £500 by raising an impressive total of £1008.75 including gift aid for the Rainy Day Trust charity. A charity at the heart of the painting and decorating industry, the Rainy Day Trust provides support to individuals and families within the trade during times of financial hardship. With the aim of offering assistance and resources, the charity helps those facing challenging circumstances and ensures they receive the support they need to overcome difficulties.


“We are absolutely thrilled to have surpassed our initial fundraising target for the Rainy Day Trust,” commented Dulux Select Decorator, Steve Trebilcook of RPS Decor. He continued, “walking 30 miles in a day was the longest distance I had ever walked, but I thought, why not push myself further and go for the 100km non-stop walk. It truly tested both my physical and mental abilities, but I surprised myself with how well I performed. We experienced storms as we walked overnight but the ups and downs of the terrain helped to keep me warm.

“Witnessing the support that other Dulux Select Decorators have received from the Rainy Day Trust truly inspired the team to give something back. We are immensely grateful to everyone who supported us in achieving this outstanding fundraising milestone in aid of such a worthy cause.”


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Vickie Mather, Dulux Select Decorators Lead, comments, “The team’s success in the Dulux Race to the King not only showcases their commitment to physical fitness and well-being but also highlights their charitable spirit. Their outstanding achievement should serve as an inspiration to others within the decorating industry and the wider community, emphasizing the importance of giving back and making a positive difference.”

Vickie Mather added: “It was also fantastic to see a team of decorators from across the UK come together to take part. It really is a testament to the community that the Dulux Select Decorator scheme provides.”

For more information about the Dulux Select Decorators programme, visit: www.duluxtradepaintexpert.co.uk/en/services/dulux-select-decorator 

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