Dulux Decorator Centre updates its can recycling service to help even more customers decorate responsibly

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Dulux Decorator Centre is pleased to announce that customers can now recycle any empty paint can from any brand at their local store, thanks to an update to its can recycling service. This improvement will make can recycling simpler and easier for decorators and contractors, helping them to minimise the amount of waste being sent to landfill and maximise their environmental credentials.

The Dulux Decorator Centre can recycling service – in partnership with Veolia – is a free service for all customers. They can either drop empty cans off at any of their stores or arrange for collection if a delivery is being made to site, preventing them from being sent to landfill. Plastic cans are shredded, washed and sent back to the plastics market, and metal cans are melted into new steel and returned to the general market to create tools and products.

Previously, the service only accepted paint cans from AkzoNobel brands, but with these enhancements, Dulux Decorator Centre now accepts empty cans from any brand for recycling.

“We know sustainability is of ever-growing importance to not just our customers, but to their clients as well. This was proven last year when we reached the brilliant milestone of recycling our one millionth can. To achieve our mission of tripling the number of cans we recycle by 2025, we decided to update our service to be able to recycle any branded decorative paint cans,” explains Duncan Lochhead, Commercial Sustainability Manager at Dulux Decorator Centre.

“By enabling paint cans from all brands to be recycled with us, we’re ensuring our customers can make responsible choices at every stage of their project – beginning with choosing our most sustainable paint products, to finally recycling their empty cans with us.

“We also have sustainable ways of dealing with customers’ leftover paint. Customers can donate partially full cans to good causes like Community RePaint, a project sponsored by Dulux for 30 years. This UK wide paint reuse network collects leftover and mis-tinted paint and makes it available to local charities, community groups and low-income families, therefore reducing the amount of paint that is sent to landfill.”

As part of the can recycling service, Dulux Decorator Centre supports account holders with sustainability reporting, by keeping records of how many cans they have recycled in the year. Showcasing these figures helps decorators secure and maintain sustainability-minded clientele, by proving their commitment to environmental efficiency.

The new can recycling service will be active from the end of October. For more information, please visit: https://www.duluxdecoratorcentre.co.uk/can-recycling


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