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Kevin Haughey Painting & Decorating and his new must need tool, Peeltec, from the creators of CT1.

Keving Haughey and his team, are a busy team of 3. Local to the North East of Ireland, they are a service heavily in demand. Skilled painters and decorators, from commercial to residential take pride in their work. Working on materials that demand care and attention, and some that need special extra TLC with some heritage listed Castles developed into hotels along the rugged coast.

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Having the decorating edge

Lee Briggs comes from a family of decorators, but he didn’t set out to be a decorator. He fell into and loved it.  We joined Lee on a huge house renovation project in Suffolk and he described his passion for his job, “I love the finish. I love seeing something old and decrepit and giving it a new lease of life.”

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Coo-Var’s Latest New Product Launch – Power Floated Floor Primer!

Coo-Var has been partnering with its customers for more than a hundred years and the result is a range of exceptional, problem-solving products – including their enduring, well-known floor paints – along with outstanding training and technical help. Painting Power Floated Floors can involve costly shot blasting or grinding. Coo-Var’s Power Floated Floor Primer can be applied direct to clean, laitance free power floated floors. 

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TeknosPro for professional paints

This year’s National Painting & Decorating Show will see TeknosPro showcasing their EN 13501-1 products classified for fire performance. Timantti Clean and Siloksan Anti-Carb paints are classified B – s1, d0 which covers the areas of fire behavior, smoke production and flaming droplets so makes them ideal for use on public buildings. 

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The Ice Fusion Brush – the next evolution in synthetic brush technology

The Ice Fusion Brush – the next evolution in synthetic brush technology When ProDec started developing the Ice Fusion brush we wanted to make achieving a top-quality finish easier and quicker than ever before. To do that we invented new technology unique to ProDec: Shard filaments and Form Recovery Technology.

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