CT1 Introduces FC1

The Ultimate Filler and Caulk launching at the National Painting & Decorating Show!

CT1 who lead the way in research and development with technology for the building and construction industry have launched a revolutionary product for the Painting and Decorating world. With FC1, CT1 brings into play this innovative all-in-one filler and caulk, which has never been done before, to redefine industry standards. 

 FC1 is designed to be the go-to product for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a unique all-in-one solution for filling, sealing, and caulking. This revolutionary product simplifies the process, providing a versatile and high-performance solution for various applications.

Key Features of FC1:

  • All-in-One Solution: FC1 combines the qualities of a premium filler and a high-quality caulk in a single product, eliminating the need for multiple products on the job.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Engineered with advanced acrylic-based technology, FC1 boasts increased flexibility, ensuring it resists cracking even under challenging conditions, guaranteeing lasting durability.
  • Seamless Finish: Offering a super smooth finish, FC1 eliminates the need for sanding, providing a seamless, professional-grade appearance with minimal effort.
  • No Slumping: Its unique formulation allows for filling up to 25mm in one application without any slumping, enabling effortless application even in larger gaps or voids.
  • Swift Drying: FC1’s quick-drying properties enable painting or papering over in as little as one hour (depending on the depth of product applied), ensuring efficient project timelines.
  • Solvent-Free: Committed to environmental consciousness, FC1 contains no solvents, providing a safe and eco-friendly solution for professional applications.
  • Versatile Bonding and Sealing: Designed to bond and seal gaps between wood, metal, brick, stone, plaster, and plastics, FC1 offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of construction materials.

We are thrilled to introduce FC1 to the market, a true game-changer in the filler and caulk category” said Nicola Walsh, Director of Sales and Marketing at CT1. “This innovative product embodies our commitment to providing professionals and enthusiasts with the best solutions. With FC1, we simplify tasks, enhance productivity, and ensure the quality that our customers expect.”

Nicola added, “FC1 is a testament to CT1’s dedication to excellence and innovation. We believe it will become an essential tool for professionals across the construction and trade industry.

FC1 is set to make waves in the industry by offering a versatile, time-saving, and cost-effective solution. With its unique features and uncompromising quality, CT1 continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional products that meet the evolving needs of professionals.

For more information about CT1 and its revolutionary FC1 product, visit ct1.com

About CT1:

CT1 with revolutionary TRIBRID® technology is a unique sealant and construction adhesive that replaces numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognised as the ultimate technological advancement in bonding and sealing and offers a superior adhesion on virtually any material, without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is made in Britain with British design and British technology.

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