CT1 Introduces FC1: The Ultimate Filler & Caulk Solution for Trade Decorators


CT1, a renowned name in sealants and adhesives, introduces FC1, a groundbreaking filler and caulk solution designed to elevate industry standards for trade professionals. As a testament to CT1’s dedication to providing top-quality solutions, FC1 stands out for its exceptional features and versatile applications.

FC1 by CT1 boasts a remarkable set of attributes, offering a super-smooth finish without the need for sanding. Its advanced formulation allows for filling gaps, cracks, or joints up to 25mm in a single application, providing unparalleled efficiency and time-saving benefits. Formulated with acrylic-based compounds, FC1 ensures maximum flexibility while remaining solvent-free, ensuring a positive environmental impact.

The product’s outstanding quality is evident in its crack-resistant properties, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. Additionally, FC1 exhibits superior colour stability, maintaining its aesthetic appeal over extended periods. This revolutionary solution becomes an ally for trade decorators, combining efficiency, flexibility, and durability.


As a proud sponsor of Trade Decorator in 2024, CT1 continues to support the trade community by introducing cutting-edge products like FC1. This innovative filler and caulk solution exemplify CT1’s commitment to fostering innovation and providing trade professionals with top-tier solutions to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional results. Explore the possibilities with FC1 and experience the next level of performance in fillers and caulks. For more information, visit CT1.com.

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