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2020 has brought the issue of hygiene into sharp focus. So, with cleanliness more important than ever before, opting for a high performance coating will ensure paintwork retains it’s ‘just decorated’ look – no matter how many times it is cleaned.

Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme range comprises three paints with formulations developed to protect against stains, mould and bacteria. Each formulation can withstand regular and intensive cleaning regimes, making the range the ideal partner for professional decorators looking for a long-lasting finish. Here we put the three key products under the spotlight to guide you to the most appropriate specification for your next project.

Tackling mould from condensation or damp
Surface mould and mildew can be a particular problem in void properties which may be left unheated for long periods of time but it can also be caused by condensation in areas such as in kitchens, bathrooms and changing areas. Keeping mould at bay is important, not least because of the potential health risks associated with breathing in mould spores.

With a built in fungicide that prevents mould growth on the paint film, Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting Scrubbable Matt and Acrylic Eggshell paints are also highly resistant to stains and can be repeatedly cleaned without any detriment to the finish, unlike other anti-mould paints available. Both can be tinted to any shade too, meaning there’s no need to compromise on colour.

Keeping surfaces hygienically clean
Hospitals, care homes, schools and other public sector buildings all demand exceptional levels of cleanliness – especially in high traffic environments with multiple touch points such as corridors and toilet facilities. Areas used for food preparation and clinical care which are subject to intensive cleaning regimes can also benefit from the extra reassurance of anti-bacterial protection that Clean Extreme can offer.

Clean Extreme Anti-Bacterial Scrubbable Matt is enhanced through the use of the independently tested SteriTouch® silver ion technology which not only inhibits the growth of any bacteria that comes into contact with the surface including MRSA and E.Coli, but also prevents bacteria from multiplying. The ‘built-in’ silver ion protection can’t be washed off, no matter how many times the surface is scrubbed clean. It’s also available in a washable Acrylic Eggshell finish and can be tinted to any colour.

Guarding against wear and tear in high traffic areas
If you need a fuss-free long-lasting finish that can handle whatever is thrown at it, then a paint with added stain resistance is ideal. High traffic areas such as corridors and hallways can very quickly become tired and marked while kitchen and dining areas are be prone to messy food spills which can stain the paintwork.

Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt has been tested with tough stains including pens, pencils, markers, coffee and foodstuffs including curry, which can all be easily washed off the surface with soapy water. In fact, the paint surface can be repeated cleaned (it has a durability level of 10,000 scrubs) to retain its flat matt appearance and ‘just painted’ appeal even after rigorous cleaning. It’s also available as a durable and washable Acrylic Eggshell finish and can be tinted to almost any shade.

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