Coo-Var’s Latest New Product Launch – Power Floated Floor Primer!


Coo-Var has been partnering with its customers for more than a hundred years and the result is a range of exceptional, problem-solving products – including their enduring, well-known floor paints – along with outstanding training and technical help.

Painting Power Floated Floors can involve costly shot blasting or grinding. Coo-Var’s Power Floated Floor Primer can be applied direct to clean, laitance free power floated floors. 

Our latest addition to the Coo-Var floor paint range is a water based two-pack epoxy primer that provides incredible adhesion of Coo-Var’s Profloor & Profloor Plus floor paints to power floated floors.  

 ‘This product saves time and money and is great for contractors working on commercial buildings or warehouses requiring fast, cost effective maintenance.’’ Says Danielle Dutton, Marketing Manager for Teal & Mackrill.  

Coo-Var products are recognised for their quality and this new Power Floated Floor Primer will be prefect for priming a newly power floated floor. 

Features of The Power Floated Floor Primer include:

  • Fast Drying & Low Odour
  • Powerful adhesion 
  • Water Based 
  • Eliminates the need for costly grinding or shot blasting
  • Available in 5kg 

For more information or technical advice on Power Floated Floor Primer please contact the Technical hotline on 01482 328053 or to become a stockist, please contact Sharron Drayton in the Sales Office on 01482 328053 or email 

To download more information, visit the Coo-Var Website at 

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