Coo Var hosts The Seven Deadly Sins of Painting

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The Trade Decorator virtual event is fast approaching! This year Coo-Var is hosting the Seven Deadly Sins of Painting online seminar. Join us at 9am on Monday 28 February 2022. Here you will learn of common painting problems which you will already face and how to overcome them. From condensation to corrosion, Coo-Var has top notch specialist paints to fix your problems.

For a chance to win a Coo-Var paint hamper worth over £100 join us for the seminar and look out for the Trade Decorator GIVES Campaign on its website and social media.

Prize includes:
• Anti-Damp & Anti Condensation Paint
• Suregrip® Anti Slip Floor Paint
• Acrylic Floor Paint
• Rust Converter
• Yacht & Seaplane Varnish
• Hammercote Metal Paint (Smooth & Hammered)
• Primeall
• *New Product* – Suredeck® Anti Slip Decking Paint

Danielle Dutton Marketing Manager for COO-VAR commented ‘Despite the difficulties faced in the last year or so we have continued to innovate and release new products. This seminar covers all of our 7 ranges, and we hope it will allow you to overcome some of those tricky painting problems. We look forward to presenting to you all in October!

Visit or contact 01482 328053 for more info.

Don’t miss out – sign up using the button below for your seat today we’ll see you on Monday 28th February 2022 at 10am.

Catch you then!


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