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Brewers Stockport have absolutely loved supporting Rich from Heart Murals who is on a mission to bring colour to the streets of Manchester. Using Albany as the base for his large-scale murals, Rich’s latest work transformed the train station and village green in Levenshulme.

25L of Albany Smooth Matt Masonry Paint alongside brushes and rollers were donated to create a base for Richard to go in with aerosols for the finer details. Rich has celebrated the local wildlife that can be found around Levenshulme featuring birds such as blue tits and bull finches.

Rich said: “I’ve been an artist for about 20 years but start led professionally about 3 years ago. I started painting murals through my love of nature and wanted to spread awareness on the local wildlife that everyone was missing out on and to inspire the youth to get outdoors more.”

The murals were commissioned by Levenshulme Station, Northern and Manchester City Council to brighten up the town and create a warm welcome to visitors. Rich also received support from local businesses Rosgal Ltd who provided barriers and Grounded Manchester who kept visitors to the Levenshulme station unveiling nice and warm with hot coffees! “The feedback from the Levenshulme locals has been amazing and everyone is truly grateful for the hard work that’s been put into making the area prettier to live in, we couldn’t have done it without the support from Brewers.” exclaimed Rich.

And Rich isn’t planning to stop anytime soon! “There’s lots of secret plans for the future! All I can say is that I’m going to continue my mission of painting murals in areas that it’s needed, and I will be working with some nature organizations who will help spread the word on wildlife.” Mike from Brewers Stockport will be looking forward to supporting Heart Murals with future projects and we cannot wait to see more from this incredible artist!

You can find Heart Murals on Facebook or Instagram. 

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