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NEW Timbabuild Super Wipes  

Citrus lemon fragrance • Extra Large Size - 600cm2 SUPER WIPES are an effective way to keep your working tools, hands and surfaces completely clean when on site, in a market leading extra large industrial size. SUPER WIPES are effective on all kinds of surfaces for the fast and simple removal of a variety of contaminants such as non cured paints, sealants, epoxies, adhesives, adhesive spray, bitumen, fillers, foams, polyeurethanes grease & oils. These wipes are also entirely safe and effective for the cleaning of hands.

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This book helps painters and decorators earn more money 

Want to start making more money as a Painter and Decorator? Improving your sales and marketing is the key. If you don’t take your sales and marketing seriously you are leaving £10,000’s per year on the table.  There is a lot of training available for the practical side of painting and decorating, however, the problem I see, is there’s very little to help you with the business side of the job.  This doesn’t seem right.   Afterall, the customer chooses you before you’ve even opened a tin of paint.  So, doesn’t it make sense to build your business on great sales and marketing? Creating adverts, crafting proposals and selling your services at the highest level is the fastest way to increase your profits.  This book will guide you through everything you need to know about sales and marketing for your decorating business.

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Now is not the time to compromise on quality

This year has been tough for the trade. There’s no escaping that. The impact of the first nationwide lockdown is still being felt by many professionals, while new restrictions are likely to cause further disruption.  The result is that now, more than ever, finding ways to be cost effective is becoming a priority. But cutting costs can come at a risk to the most valuable asset you have - your reputation. Hard won and easily lost - protecting it is vital, especially in this current climate, where competition is fierce. That’s where Armstead can help.

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BIO FLEX ™ COOL by Repair Care is a must have repair product during this winter

Winter is coming. This means all decorators will have a challenge in repairing wood rot, as the lower temperatures is not the right circumstance, up until now. Repair Care acknowledged this challenge and raised the level with another high quality and sustainable wood repair resin, called the BIO FLEX ™ COOL. It is the fastest wood repair product at lower temperatures. It is ideal for permanent repair of wood rot and damage in colder weather (<10ºC). It offers the perfect combination of sustainability and speed.. Even when sustainability is not a conscious choice, BIO FLEX ™ COOL dries a lot faster than the Repair Care DRY FLEX® 4 and 16 in the cold. With the BIO FLEX ™ COOL, the second product of the bio based product range is there as, 35% of the materials are bio based. Moreover the product has more “body” and will be easier to model. In addition, the repair paste is suitable for larger repairs: up to 50mm.

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Award-winning artists bring walls to life at Shurtape HQ

International artists Art + Believe always use Frogtape® in their work so to say thankyou, have created a unique piece of art at the brand’s UK headquarters. Dan and Charlotte Doherty of Art + Believe are world-famous for their colourful geometric designs which have been used on building exteriors, palace floors, city architecture and even beer bottles. Their handpainted works rely on straight lines so Shurtape, owner of FrogTape® has sponsored the duo for a number of years, as the unique Paintblock® Technology in the masking tape means it provides the neatest straight lines possible, with no paint bleed.

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