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Revive a composite door with Owatrol

The experts at Owatrol Coatings have put together a how to guide for reviving the colour of a faded composite door. Read more here.

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Timbabuild Window Repair

Timbabuild Window Repair and the Trade Decorator Guest Blog Spot. When coming across rot on wooden windows the only thing i turn to is EHB60 and ERC10 Timbabuild resin repair. I choose Timbabuild over other resin products due to the quality you get for your money, it is easier to work with, easier to sand down when you need to and the customer service is outstanding! Timbabuild wins for me everytime.

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Wondertex prem fill & finish

For the past 50 years, Wondertex have been supplying decorators and DIY experts just like you, with expert decorating solutions. We understand the importance of having products you can trust, are good value for money and are easily available. At Wondertex, we are proud to offer you a range of professional products that tick every one of these boxes. Let’s take a closer look at the range.

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Owatrol Easy Surface Prep

One of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways of giving your kitchen a make over is to repaint the cupboards and with Owatrol E.S.P that job can be made even easier! The usual way would be to first clean all the surfaces, strip and/or sand every tiny nook and cranny, apply a coat of primer, and then apply multiple coats of cupboard paint – which although is cheaper than a new kitchen, it is not quick nor easy!  Instead of going through all of that and using up valuable time and effort, you could instead simply use Owatrol Easy Surface Prep (E.S.P for short) and have a new kitchen for a fraction of the effort! What is Owatrol E.S.P? Owatrol E.S.P is an easy-to-use wipe-on wipe-off product that when applied to shiny or non-porous surfaces, primes and preps it for paint in 5 minutes. This means no sanding and no priming as E.S.P creates a strong film allowing paint (oil and water based) to strongly adhere to. E.S.P is particularly great for use on tricky surfaces such as melamine cupboards or tiles.

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Dulux Heritage Blog

Helping your client find the perfect colour for their project has never been an easy task, especially when you need to combine a luxurious finish coupled with a premium, elegant colour. The new Dulux Heritage range gives you the durable luxury finish you need, in an expertly curated colour palette. Timeless and contemporary colour scheme  Dulux Heritage colours have been popular for many years, and now, with two specially developed premium paints, offering a luxurious and durable chalky finish, they’re a great choice for high-end projects. Each shade has been carefully chosen by our Dulux colour experts, using in-depth historical research across a wide period of British decorating heritage - from Tudor greys to Victorian reds. Each historical period has been meticulously mapped with contemporary and future design trends to create a colour scheme that’s both instantly modern and effortlessly timeless.

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Crown Trade Clean Extreme

2020 has brought the issue of hygiene into sharp focus. So, with cleanliness more important than ever before, opting for a high performance coating will ensure paintwork retains it’s ‘just decorated’ look - no matter how many times it is cleaned. Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme range comprises three paints with formulations developed to protect against stains, mould and bacteria. Each formulation can withstand regular and intensive cleaning regimes, making the range the ideal partner for professional decorators looking for a long-lasting finish. Here we put the three key products under the spotlight to guide you to the most appropriate specification for your next project.

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