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C-Tec N.I Limited
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Tel: 028 3083 4892
E-Mail: info@ct1.com
Website: www.ct1.com

CT1 develops the best sealing and bonding products used by tradespeople internationally across Ireland, Britain, Spain, Denmark and Norway. It is officially the number 1 sealant and construction adhesive in the UK, as officially voted in an independent survey by Expert Trades (www.experttrades.com). With unique TRIBRID® Technology, CT1 is up to three times stronger and offers 250% more elongation than traditional hybrid adhesives. That is why CT1 is the number 1 product of choice for trades in every sector of the construction industry, including builders, roofing contractors, joiners, tilers, window suppliers, kitchen fitters, bathroom installers and specialist fit-out companies.

With enhanced performance even in the harshest outdoor applications, CT1 contains no solvents nor isocyanates, is almost odourless and releases no vapours nor harmful toxins. It will securely adhere to virtually any material in most applications, including concrete, brick, wood, glass, fibreglass, ceramics, metals (including lead), uPVC, roofing felt, plastics (excluding PP, PE and PTFE) and most stones without staining.

CT1 is committed to creating the most ecologically advanced and environmentally compliant product on the market. With over 25 accreditations, including NAAF Asthma and Allergy Association Approval Certificate and the coveted GEV EMICODE® EC1 Plus for the lowest indoor emissions, it is the healthiest choice for home, landscaping and commercial projects, especially in clinical and food preparation environments. It is also the safest choice for use around pets and wildlife. CT1 colours can even be applied underwater without detrimentally impacting ecological biodiversity, aquatic plants, animals or fish.

PeelTec removes all paint fast and it is also the best Graffiti remover on the market.

PeelTec will now dominate the National Painting and Decorating Show. PeelTec which has swept the painting and decorating industry with a massive paint free brush, will be dominating The National Painting and Decorating Show the 26th and 27th November at Stand 75A. This revolutionary product is the latest technology in paint removal. What’s even more astounding is the fact that it’s 100% Methyl Chloride Free! Since the EU banned this substance, it has left the industry without an effective replacement. Hello PeelTec and thank you CT1 for bringing this outstanding product to the industry.

Post show with PeelTec.

This forum has been buzzing with activity since the Painting and Decorating show. New technology, new suppliers in the industry and new partnerships forming. The huge buzz around the show was PeelTec, from the creators of CT1. CT1-The UK’s number 1 construction sealant and adhesive, who never sleep when it comes to research and development for products for the building industry and now…. The painting and decorating industry! Officially launched PeelTec…. And what a launch that was.

PeelTec from the creators of CT1

CT1 now commonly known as The UK’s NO1 sealant and adhesive has changed the trades people seal and bond. Instead of using several products they now only use CT1. Versatile and eco-friendly it’s the product that does what it says. Interestingly enough many are using CT1 as a filler, its ideal for settlement cracks and can be painted over.

Product Demo: PeelTec, CT1 & Multisolve

Join the guys from PeelTec as they demonstrate three revolutionary products for the painting and decorating sector. PeelTec which has drastically changed the way the Painting and Decorating industry are now removing paint, is now becoming even Greener!

Paint just simply peels away!

Since launching onto the market 2 years ago, Peel Tec has taken the industry by storm. This revolutionary product removes all paints in minuets, and is fast becoming the essential tool of the trade for the Painting and Decorating Industry . The industry was in dire need for some time, of an effective paint stripper since Methyl Chloride was banned by the EU. Many paint removers became ineffective, and unsafe.

Peel Tec – The latest technology in paint removal

Product demonstration: Peel Tec – The latest technology in paint removal - Decorating Product of the Year Award Winner Peel Tec once again will be showcasing their technology and updates on Trade Decorator live on Tuesday 8th March at 4pm.

See The OFFICIAL The Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive in the UK and the Incredible Peel Tec® at Trade Decorator LIVE! 2022

CT1, who have recently been officially voted as the Number 1 sealant and adhesive in the UK by Expert Trades (long established construction agency research specialists), will be at the first ever Trade Decorator LIVE!, 23 -24 June 2022.  CT1 - which now replaces caulk with many painters and decorators - will showcasing their revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology. CT1 which is widely used by the industry, is now 3 times stronger, has greater colour retention and now even more flexible than before, is really the only choice if you want your job done correctly.

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