Beautiful inside and out all year round with TeknosPro 

Whether for a brush-up for summer or protection for winter, exterior wood can be treated all year round. It’s important to consider the weather conditions however, because as every decorator knows, rain will ruin your finish and there’s a risk of blistering from paint in direct sunlight. 

It’s also essential to use quality, innovative paints so that the professional’s hard work will look fantastic and last for years to come.  

The go-to brand, developed specifically for the professional decorator, is TeknosPro (  A host of products are available for exterior wood and metal applications.

Examples include the Futura Aqua portfolio of waterborne finishes which provides varying sheen levels with Futura Aqua 20 and Futura Aqua 40 offering semi-gloss finishes while Futura Aqua 80 is a gloss option. These topcoats can be tinted to any colour including BS, NCS and RAL and primed with the versatile Futura Aqua 3 primer. Package sizes are 0.9, 2.7, 9 litres. Developed with sustainability in mind and low VOC levels, the paints provide excellent resistance to weather and UV rays, and they retain their colour and gloss over time. The paint may be thinned with water and is easy to apply by brush, roller and spray, which makes the application effortless. The surface is touch dry after one hour, and overcoatable in four hours. 

Another option is Woodex Aqua Solid for an opaque finish; or Woodex Aqua Classic for a translucent option. The wood stain is ideal for use on all doors, window casements and furniture indoors and outdoors. The waterborne acrylate/alkyd based coating offers a durable finish and the non-film forming Woodex Aqua Classic can be tinted so that it protects timber from UV.  Again, these smart, sustainable stains have low VOC levels, can be applied by brush, roller or spray and have a spreading rate of 8-10m³/l. Package sizes are 0.9, 2.7, 9 litres.

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