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Award-winning artists bring walls to life at Shurtape HQ


International artists Art + Believe always use Frogtape® in their work so to say thankyou, have created a unique piece of art at the brand’s UK headquarters.

Dan and Charlotte Doherty of Art + Believe are world-famous for their colourful geometric designs which have been used on building exteriors, palace floors, city architecture and even beer bottles.

Their handpainted works rely on straight lines so Shurtape, owner of FrogTape® has sponsored the duo for a number of years, as the unique Paintblock® Technology in the masking tape means it provides the neatest straight lines possible, with no paint bleed.

Jason Burns, MD at Shurtape, says: “2020 has shown us that we need to make the workplace as comfortable as possible, in order to help people feel relaxed as they make their way back from lockdown. What better way to brighten our space, and demonstrate the quality of our product, than by inviting Art + Believe to create something.”

Says Dan: “We love to create artwork that is bold, fresh and exciting – and if ever there was a time to bring some of that to others, it is now. We were only too happy to create this one-off piece for our partners at Shurtape and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”

“It looks amazing,” concludes Jason. “We are absolutely thrilled to have a unique piece of art as part of our office.”

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