Aristospray launch new site for the decorator using spray is an exciting all-new website launched by Aristospray. It’s been designed to meet a simple brief – make decorative spray more accessible to the professional trade decorator. Key features at launch are:

  • An easy-to-use selector tool which suggests the right sprayer for the job. This has been made as simple as it’s possible to make it – just match the type of work with the frequency of use and a choice of two machines will be displayed.
  • Where to buy, both online and in-store. This is machine specific – a store will only be displayed that actively sells the chosen product.
  • Tip sizes explained simply.
  • An opportunity to upload a video or pics of spray projects and experiences.
  • Direct link to to keep up to date with all that’s happening.

Going forward, the intention is to make the site the go-to resource for the decorator using spray. 

For more information visit You can also follow Aristospray on Instagram and Facebook.

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