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An introduction to Epoxy Wood Repair with Timbabuild


Join Brian Jones, the UK Manager of Chemfix Products UK manufacturers of Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair as he hosts a 30 minute introduction to the system, including demonstrations of repairs using EHB60, ERC10 and Timbaglaze.

Join the session and you could win Timbabuild Super Wipes!

This taster event is designed to give you an overview and a feel for what Timbabuild has to offer you and your business, and what are the differences and advantages over other wood repair solutions in the market.

This introduction is perfect for anyone completely new to epoxy wood fillers, or for anyone that hasn’t attended a Timbabuild training course, looking to widen their knowledge.

We are going to show you repairs using EHB60 for moulding, corners, and deep repairs, and also ERC10 for adhesive and splicing applications. The supporting products such as FINISH, EWS Primer, Timbaglaze glazing sealant putty replacement are also demonstrated and discussed.

Finally Brian will be open for your questions in a live Q&A session open to all participants. 

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