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An Interview with Band of Builders

This live interview will explore the great work that the Band of Builders, a charitable organisation that helps tradespeople in need, have been doing recently.

We will hear how Chris Joy, father-of-four and suffering from a rare neurological disorder got his freedom back thanks to band of builders, and the experiences of John Regan, a decorator who volunteered on a project to build a sensory garden at the Rocklands Special School.

As well as their experiences, they will share more information about the charity, how you can get involved and discuss the hardship fund that has been recently launched to help Tradespeople affected by the Coronavirus Crisis.


Initially formed in 2016, Band of Builders is a registered charity (Charity Number 1182283) that helps members of the UK construction industry battling illness or injury through the completion of practical projects. For each project, volunteers come together to help their fellow tradespeople through renovations or repairs that make a real difference to their lives.

Previous projects have included:

● Installing a specialised bathroom for Pippa Atkinson, an electrician’s daughter suffering from a rare skin condition

● Landscaping a garden for builder Jamie Thompson, who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, so he can safely watch his children play, as well as installing a new kitchen. 

● Finishing renovations at the home of Elaine Dunphy, whose husband Steve died of cancer before he could finish the work he had started. 

● Creating a bedroom for plasterer’s daughter Sadie Jenkins, who had spent the first half of her life in hospital and needed machines to breathe, as well as installing a downstairs bathroom for her carers. 

● Installing a summer-house and landscaping the garden for carpenter Dan McIntosh, who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, so he could spend precious time with his family.

For more information on how to become a member or how to apply for help from Band of Builders, visit www.bandofbuilders.org

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