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Which products work best for spraying?

Spraying is a great way to achieve even coverage in a simple way and there is lots of advice out there on how to best use the equipment if you’re just starting out. The Teknos Futura Aqua range is brilliant for spraying! It’s suitable for wood and metals and can be used indoors or outdoors. So, whether you’re looking at painting garden furniture, a bedroom door or a kitchen cupboard, it’s a great go-to! 

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Can I purchase different products for different surfaces all under one merchant’s roof? 

Put simply, yes. There are lots of well-known manufacturers with a wide range of products suited to different surfaces and applications, and most of the time, you can get plenty of these in one shop. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more specialist than just regular emulsions and glosses, it’s best to research the product and brands. Most TeknosPro stockists carry the full range of products, including specialist ones such as stain blockers, adhesion primers and anti-mircobial paint. If they don’t have it in stock, you can order it in for the next day. 

Is there a clear winner between spray, brush and roller application?

It does really come down to what you want to achieve! Spraying wins hands-down when looking for the smoothest finish, but not every item lends itself to this particular application. Some things have the best results with a well-brushed finish, providing you have chosen the right brush for your paint. For water-based paint, always select a synthetic brush because natural bristles absorb water and will leave a streaky finish across the surface. Rolling is good for larger areas like walls, however these can also be sprayed – so I’d say in that instance it comes down to a matter of personal choice. In my opinion, for best results on a new interior wall, you should spray it. All you need to do is apply a mist-coat base layer using your topcoat emulsion let down with some water, followed by two sprayed topcoats allowing enough drying time between applications. Try using TeknosPro 5 waterborne matt emulsion when doing this for the optimum finish.

My client has requested I use waterborne paints for their woodwork, but I’m used to working with oil-based products. Is there anything in particular that I should use?

Modern waterborne paints are high quality with low VOC and odour levels, so it’s definitely worth giving them a try! There are some waterborne paints on the market that flow like oil-based coatings, including TeknosPro’s Futura Aqua portfolio. If you’re nervous about making the switch and not sure where to start, I would definitely recommend starting with the Futura Aqua. And, the Futura Aqua 80 has a high sheen unlike some waterborne full glosses so you can have the best of both worlds; a waterborne paint with a solid finish. 

My client wants a radiator painted. I’m always wary about this due to the heat. Is there a specific product you would recommend? 

It’s only natural to worry about peeling or cracking when painting radiators, as it’s what you expect to happen when paint heats up. TeknosPro’s products are highly durable and the versatile nature of Futura Aqua means it can be used on metal as well as woodwork. To achieve an excellent finish that is going to last, sand back the old paint then apply Futura Aqua 3 primer. Then key the base back lightly to give a super strong surface for your topcoats to grip onto, e.g. Futura Aqua 20 or 40, resulting in a beautiful hardwearing finish that won’t yellow, crack or peel. 

I need something with a quick drying time. What would you recommend? 

Drying times are dependent on the atmosphere surrounding the fresh coatings and for waterborne paints, this varies. Air-flow will also make a big difference to your drying time, so as well as monitoring the temperature in the room or outside space, check that plenty of – not too cold – air is passing over your painted  area so that you can minimise waiting times between coats. 

What does environmentally-friendly actually mean when it comes to paints? 

There isn’t a specific definition when it comes to what is considered “environmentally-friendly” in the world of paints. However, if you are wanting to choose coatings that are better for the environment, look for words such as “waterborne” or “water-based”, “low-VOC”, “no lead”, “no chrome”, “no heavy metals” and paints that meet European REACH substance regulations (or UK REACH if/when the UK leaves EU). Better still, look beyond the coatings themselves and buy from paint manufacturers that are making their whole business sustainable, e.g. ethical sourcing of ingredients, contributing to the local community, etc. 

What should I look for in a product to ensure its durability? 

Durability of paint is based in the quality of the product’s ingredients and the ratio of the carrier substance to the solid ingredients, e.g. pigments and binders. With TeknosPro products, the coatings contain up to 40% solid ingredients which are dissolved in the water-based carrier. 40% is considered a high solid ratio and so means that the paints will have excellent coverage and last longer. The superior quality pigments in TeknosPro paints also give them long lasting colour which doesn’t fade. There are some waterborne coatings with lower amounts of solids and more water which is why some people prefer oil-based paints as these types of waterborne coatings don’t last as long. So, make sure you look for a high solid ratio in your waterborne coatings and you’ll have superb and long lasting finishes, regardless of the item being painted and the application to do it.

For further information, and to find a full list of stockists, visit or call Teknos on 01869 208005.

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